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31st December 2010, 00:24
picked up a 80 IH that has been converted to points was figuring out what spark plugs to use and what gap. Most all parts on the bike were made 11-3-79. The heads use the O-ring style intake seals. so this bike is a very early 80. engine and frame numbers match along with title. Has the 80 style rear master cyl and oil tank. The bike had been sitting since 1991, mainly all stock including paint. Changed all hoses and cables rebuilt the brake master cylinders and calibers (brake fluid turned to powder) Cleaned out the SU carb and gas tanks, changed oil and it fired right up and runs good. Got it for 1000.00 which sounded great to me.

31st December 2010, 01:03
Congrats on the new purchase. Sounds like you got a great deal.... did you get it from Santa Clause?? lol

I use Autolite 85's with points on my '72 stocker. I'm also running the Keihin non-CV carburetor with stock baffled exhaust. I set my plug gaps to .028". Another option is to replace the plugs with the same thing you have in it.

Your's shouldn't be that much different than mine, so hope this helps.

Good luck with the new bike!!!


31st December 2010, 03:24
:clapWhatta deal you got, hope you enjoy it this summer...An indy or dealer will lead you to the points and plugs you need. Your points are pretty basic and I used H-8 plugs. Happy New Year...Good way to start it..P.S. Welcome from New Mexico

ryder rick
31st December 2010, 07:39
You want to use the stock plug for your 1980 heads, you will just gap them smaller for the weak points ignition. .030" gap

31st December 2010, 15:53
you need solid core plug wires too...

points don't like silicon wound wires.

31st December 2010, 16:00
You need copper-core plug wires, a points-style coil, and copper plugs. You can buy the plugs for a 1978. That will work.

ryder rick
31st December 2010, 16:55
You only need solid core wires on a mag, everything else gets suppression wires.

31st December 2010, 18:42
Thanks for the input, lots of help. I got the bike off of craigslist, I have been without a bike for a few years so I jumped at it. I had a new 79 lowrider and changed it over to points because the electronic ing. was garbage then but can't remember what plugs I always got. Had a 90 electra gluide new also and had tons of trouble with the ing. on it too and changed it to Dyna S single fire system which worked great, easier starts and no backfiring etc. the IH has a Accel supercoil (yellow) and accel yellow plug wires which was on it when I got the bike. Had a 87 1100 sportster new also, it ran pretty good. This is the first IH and I really like it, love the older bikes, has the orginal brown paint with decals and brown seat. Has a SU eliminator carb on it which does pretty good so far.

31st December 2010, 18:48
another question, 1980 heads should take the rubberband type seals for the intake according to the sm and parts book but this takes the o-ring style which has the turned down cut outs in it. maybe because all the engine parts were made in 79 on this bike, even the rear master cyl. has 11-3-79 stamped on it. anyone have a chain gaurd laying around for a 80, want to keep it pretty stock

1st January 2011, 10:20
i have a 1980 chain gaurd laying around--whats the fair market value for it ?