View Full Version : Ironhead Super E Accelerator adjustment

31st December 2010, 13:46
S&S says "With engine idling, turn Accelerator Adjustment Screw clockwise until it lightly seats. Snap throttle open—engine should stumble. Turn screw counter-clockwise ¼ or ½ of a turn at a time, until engine responds to throttle twist with smooth, quick response."

Was just wondering when I do this, the bike stops stumbling approximately 7 full turns outward. Is that common? The carb is imaculate inside and out with no air leaks (propane torch couldn t find one). Ive tried different jets and am currently running a one inch Yost aluminum spacer, but this was the setting prior to the spacer as well.

To me this seems a little too many turns. What amount of turns does everyone else have on that screw? Carb was set back to baseline according to S&S instructions.


T. Clark
31st December 2010, 14:41
I have just fitted a super E to my 83xl. My accelerator pump wasn't working, one of the ball bearing valves in the pump was jammed on the seat. I now have the pump set at 2 turns out. Bike runs great at low rpm and top end. Still a little hesitation at mid range, will try turning screw out further each time I go for a ride.

The motor still stumbles if I jam the throttle open in neutral, but I don't think that matters. What's important is how it runs on the road, and your bike might run great.

With a CV you can jam the throttle open because the slide is not connected to the throttle cable and it only ever gives the motor as much air as it can handle. With other carbs it might be necessary to roll the throttle on.

31st December 2010, 14:58
That makes all the sence in the world. I generally snap it all the way open and it stumbles unitll i turn the screw way out, rather than roll the throttle. Maybe im doing the whole thing wrong. Runs good down the road at most settings anyway. Thanks.

doodah man
2nd January 2011, 11:36
i've read that a thicker spacer between carb and mani helps with sluggish throttle response. seven turns out does seem rather excessive. if i remember correctly i think mine is 1 3/4 - 2 turns out and i can jam the throttle with no hesitation. can you smell the gasoline real bad when you ride and are your plugs real black? that and poor fuel economy could be an indication of too much acc. pump or too rich in jetting.

doodah man
2nd January 2011, 11:42
i also have to wonder if that wonky acc pump setting has anything to do with your fuel supply issues in your other recent post!?

doodah man
2nd January 2011, 12:47
Bike runs great at low rpm and top end. Still a little hesitation at mid range, will try turning screw out further each time I go for a ride.

it looks like you're running drag pipes from the pic in your gallery? that explains your dip at mid range rpms. turning the screw out at this point isn't gonna fix that - lollipops or a "proper" exhaust with mufflers is the answer.