View Full Version : Ironhead looking for a 75 rigid ironhead frame for sale to buy

2nd January 2011, 15:42
in pretty desperate need for a rigid frame for a '75 ironhead sportster. i cant pay 600 plus for a new frame so i figured id see if any one is looking to get rid of one for a decent price on here. i live in new york and work at a harley shop here and am still havin a tough time finding someone getting rid of one. i have the stock frame for the bike and would be willing to give that and cash too for a rigid. please let me know

2nd January 2011, 15:47
Why not buy a weld on. If you know a good welder it would cost about half off the 600.00. If you do, leave the motor in.

2nd January 2011, 16:41
Weld on or bolt on is your best bet, but there are lots of people here with bad backs who may have one growing spider webs in the garage. My advice is still go with the weld\ bolt on. A frame is just the first step. On my current chopper, the motor is the ONLY part that came from the original bike. Since I'm not rich and robbing banks is frowned upon, the build took time. Plenty of pictures on this site of weld ons. See if this style fits your vision of what you want your bike to be. Good Luck.

3rd January 2011, 14:13
well the motor is already out so thats not a big deal. i hate bolt ons. but its looking like im gonna go with a weld on. just figured id see if anyone had one laying around. thanks