View Full Version : We're not the only ones in danger...

20th July 2005, 15:08
Story - CN (http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/?id=2005/jul05/jul19news2)

20th July 2005, 15:11
I heard about that while watching the tour. It is really unfortuante and sad. :frownone


21st July 2005, 09:15
A truly horrific accident. So many lives ruined.

I have been a cyclist since way back in the days of training wheels. I started riding motorcyles about 2 years ago. I can honestly say that being on a bicycle in traffic scares me to death. I know that at least on my Harley I have the horsepower to get out of the way. I have had a couple of close calls from inattentive drivers on my Harley, but i have never been flat run over. flash back to Beaumont Tx. 1995 on Hwy 90 headed to Houston I was flat on my back in the ditch with a totaled road bike next to me. and an awesome outline of a mirror on my shoulder. One hell of a concussion from that one.
Numerous times when i lived in PHX i would have someone throw a bottle or a cup at me while riding in a bike lane. What some people forget is at the next red light i will catch up to you. And riding 300 miles a week on a road bike puts me in a lot better physical shape than most people. more than a few surprised motorists found that out the hard way.
It has always amazed me at the lack of common decency and respect that is out there for a fellow human just because they are on a bicycle.

sorry about the rant. i just had to get it off my chest.