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8th January 2011, 20:42
I'm just at the point of splitting the crankcases on my 73 and wondered if I need to remove the pinion gear and oil pump drive from the shaft before splitting the cases. I've seen pictures of an engined stripped on http://www.harley-oldschool-bobber.com/harley_xlh_stripping/xlh_sportster_stripping_10_ironhead_flywheel.php which looks as though they are still on the crankshaft after the cases have been split. Thanks in anticipation for any advice. better safe than sorry.

Thanks for info. I was hoping I didn't have to strip the gears off the shaft.
Not really thought about putting it back together yet but back in the 60s/70s (showing my age now!) we used to us red hematite gasket sealer which used to make even old Triumphs oil tight :-)

Bob F
8th January 2011, 21:59
My first Harley was a brand new 1973 XLCH, a lifetime ago.

8th January 2011, 22:21
if you remove the oilpump, then you can leave gears on shaft. they do pass through pinion race.

8th January 2011, 23:15
Definately drop the oil pump, make sure not to loose the ballbearing when you are taking it out, what type of sealant are you going to use when you put the cases back together I have this brown stuff that is good for tolerances up to 20 thou cant remember the name of the stuff though, does anybody know the name of the stuff I am talking about. Damn short term memory loss!:smoke