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9th January 2011, 20:02
Hi! Has anyone mounted the struts? What brand do you recommend?
I have a 2007 sportster. A lot of the struts on sale have holes 1/2"; could I mounting it on? For exmple the 1/2" struts on the "Custom Chrome" are only for Sporty from 1986 to 2003. What do you think about?

Sorry for my English!

9th January 2011, 23:19
Well, your shock bolts are ½", so ½" is the right size.

Have you seen the Biltwell ones?

9th January 2011, 23:44
Adajustable struts are super easy to build from scratch. Get 4 standard 1/2" fine thread lug nuts from any autoparts store. Grind off the chrome on the tapered section. Next get some chrome molly tubing 7/8 od .062 wall about 8" long. Weld the lung nuts to each end of the 7/8 tubing using the taper to keep things centered. Now get 4 male spherical rod ends 1/2 thread x 1/2 hole. Remember to get 4 pieces, 1/2" lock nuts. Bolt it all together and rock and roll.

similar to the links in this shot.



10th January 2011, 00:23
Great info Andy! :clap