View Full Version : The right spring soloseat kit for sporster 2004 xl1?

20th January 2011, 10:12
Hi there folks!

I am looking for tips on the right spring soloseat kit to fit this Sporster. The papers says it is a 2004 modell, but it might be a 2003.



21st January 2011, 08:25
That's not an '04, it's an '03: completely different.

21st January 2011, 13:02
Thanks for info.! It is good to have it settled. One step closer.

21st January 2011, 15:11
By the way Folkie. Any suggestions on how tu put a solo (springer) seat on this?

21st January 2011, 16:22
You could try Licks (http://www.lickscycles.com/catalog/default.php?cPath=33&sort=4a&page=1). I'm sure others will suggest other sources.

Basically it involves a hinge to support the front of the seat, and springs to support the rear. The hinge and the spring stantions are welded to the frame. Or were you looking for a non weld solution?

21st January 2011, 18:04
Thanks Folkie. For me it would be best to avoid the flamethrower. So another solution would be better. Thanks for the answers!!

21st January 2011, 19:36
PM'd you. I got a solution but it involves welding :wonderlan, very simple and cost is about 15 American dollars. I can fabricate (check me out "fabricate" :D) and send you a front mount like mine and send it to you at no charge, but someone would need to weld two mounting studs for the springs on the rear. PM me back if interested....I'll also be posting a thread on this after I finsih it up this weekend.:banana

snake oil
21st January 2011, 21:38
I got a bolt on set up off Ebay for $75 then bought a better seat from a salvage yard for $125 http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n630/72gag/015.jpg

21st January 2011, 21:45
I got a bolt on set up off Ebay for $75 then bought a better seat from a salvage yard for $125
But yours is a rubber mount, and he has a solid mount.

snake oil
21st January 2011, 21:57
In the upper right corner of the post it says his bike is 04, so I assumed thats what he has.

21st January 2011, 22:20
That's perfectly understandable. :)

However, in the first post he said he wasn't sure, and showed a pic of an '03. In the second post I told him it was an '03.

snake oil
21st January 2011, 22:26
I humbly appologize from my incompetence.

22nd January 2011, 18:14
Hi bikers!! i I got a 2003/2002 mod. My papers said 04 , but thats defenetly wrong. So I dont think I can use a " bolt on" solution. I guess I need a solution for the 2002-03' mods.

22nd January 2011, 18:23
Isn't there a vbolt on kit? From V-Twin, if no one else?

23rd January 2011, 13:22
I've just seen there's a bolt on kit for solid mounts from Easyriders of Japan in the Jammer Catalogue (http://www.custom-chrome-europe.com/fileadmin/Daten/Katalog/Blaetterkatalog_2010/Jammer2010_INT/pdf/JammerEurope_final_web.pdf); scroll down to page 10. I guess if it's in Jammer it's probably in Custom Chrome.

24th March 2011, 11:53
Thanks for all good advices. I got my mount kit from licks. Took some weeks to get it to Norway, but arrived safe and sound. I wonder if need to drop the rear wheel to fasten the rear mount? If so...any other solutions that not involve having to take of the wheel?

24th March 2011, 12:08
If you do need to drop the wheel, you may be able to get away with just taking the shocks off and dropping the wheel down, and not actually taking it off altogether?

24th March 2011, 12:39
Thanks. Dropping the wheel down might be a solution. Thougt it is a bit fuss if y need to change the seat back and forth. Other options?