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26th January 2011, 01:18
i am thinking about changing my buckhorns to 12" ape hangers. i am trying to do it my self. i am new to this site so it may have been posted befor, but ill ask anyway...
has anyone ever heard of burlybrand brake line kit? would anyone recomend it or should i not trust a kit. i am looking to put 12" ape hangers on a 1998 883. any other recomendations are more than welcome.
the web site is burlybrand.com
will i also have to change my throttle?

26th January 2011, 01:43
You should have no trouble. I know someone who used Burly when the installed there apes and the kit loos good. Welcome to the forum.

26th January 2011, 01:44
Got Burly apes and the extended cable and wire kit (including brake line). Good quality, easy install and I do recommend them.

26th January 2011, 02:19
+1 on the Burly....no problems that I know of.....and Welcome.

26th January 2011, 09:47
In April 2010, I put a set of 12 inch apes on my 883. I thought that 16's were too high. After riding my 12 inch for three months, I took them off and put on 16 inch apes. I LOVE THEM. I am 6'1" and my arms still have a slight downward tilt. I wanted the wires to be inside the bar and I tried to run the wires inside but was too difficult. I have a set of new Flanders 12 inch apes that I would like to sell. They cost 160.00 and would sell for 125.00. I ended up buying my bars from www.hillcountrycustomcycles.com . Everything came as a kit. The wires were already inside the bars. Good luck on changing your bars.

26th January 2011, 10:57
thanks for everyones help. one more thing... will i need to change my throttle? or does that depend on the hand grip if i can get it off?
Skydiver thanks but i already have a friend giving me bars.

26th January 2011, 12:06
Throttle and return cable. Right side just slips off. Left side can be another matter. Most will need new grips.

26th January 2011, 12:22
Welcome to XLforums.

You have found the best site for questions like yours. I am looking at doing a similar thing with some modified crossbones bars I won later in the year.

The search function on this site can be a bit hit and miss but it worth researching as probably every mod has been done by someone on this site.

To give you an idea of how to swap bars check out this thread:

Pay good attention to the detail such as the Front brake light switch protection.

Here is a video of a burly swap, on a similar bike to yours.
YouTube - Video How to add ape hangers 2010 Sportster Forty-Eight (XL1200X)

Something you need to consider is the height of the bars with the riser height and possibility of a different lower seat in the future.

Sit on the bike and get someone to measure the rough height that your arms will be horizontal and in the position you want to ride in.

When I eventually get round to swapping mine I will probably add 2 inches to the cable and brake line lengths just in case I decide to go higher with the apes laster on.

I would say it ideal to have the perfect length lines and cables but in reality it would be better to have slightly longer cables than stretch and risk binding cables that are too short.

My roadster has 2 inch risers plus 12 inch apes =14 inch to go on so I will probably go for a 16 inch kit from burly but make my own brake lines from aeroquip.

It has been mentioned that you may need to roll pin the bars when you have them in the right place for you other wise you risk the bars levering forward under heavy braking.

Make sure you get the right bars. check the knurling will match the clamps, if they have knurling of course.

There are some more pics of your model bike below

I have written out a list of all the things I will need to look at: (this may not be concise or match your needs though).

Grips - replace left side grip and glue, match throttle grip to left grip.
Handle bars - correct bars with dimples if needed, internal wiring, correct height, width and match clamp.
Throttle cable - extend if needed, re-adjust
clutch cable - extend if needed, replace primary housing gasket if needed, check primary oil level , adjust.
indicator location - extend wiring or relocate to top or bottom yokes
indicator wiring - extend if needed
left switch wiring - extend if needed
right switch wiring - extedn iof needed
mirror position - change if needed
clamp height and compatability - check bars fit cortectly to clamps, diameter and knurling width.
roll pin bars - to stop possiblity of bars moving under load.
internal wiring - bars need to be drilled or purcahse bars with wiring already fitted for model and year.
Brake lines - extend or replace if needed, cover brake linne to prevent chaffing if using stanless braded cable.
bleed brake - after bars in correct position check correct brake fluid is used or replace fluid.
clutch housing gasket - if needed
primary oil top up - check correct oil used to top up or replace fluid.

Tools, Torx Bits, Torque wrench, cable ties, electrical connectors, soldering iron, solder, heat shrink, fuel tank protection, front mudguard protection, card for front brake light switch, drill and bits.

Good Luck