View Full Version : STOLEN - Attn: Washington Brothers and Sisters

1st November 2007, 18:23
My bike was stolen last night (Oct 31st) from Kent Station Parking Garage in Kent, Wa. If any of you happen to be in the area and catch a peak of this thing, let me know.

'07 1200R


1. Full Custom Paintjob. Matte Black w/ racing stripe and custom graphics
on tank, side covers and rear fender.
2. Mustang Solo Seat (Classic) Part#76150
3. Motherwell Luggage Rack
4. D&D FatCat 2:1 Exhaust (Black)
5. Harley Nightster Belt Guard (Aftermarket)
6. Andrews N3 Cams
7. Harley Nightster Front Fender (Aftermarket)
8. Forcewinder Air Cleaner

1st November 2007, 18:31
Damn Sorry to hear that. I am way down on the border with Oregon, but I see anything resembling that I will definitely let you know. I hope you got good ins. cause it probably won't like that when and if you get it back.:(

1st November 2007, 18:33
DANG! That aint right, I hope you get it back in one piece.

1st November 2007, 18:40
That sucks...really nice ride....I moved the thread to "Stolen bikes" area and copied it to the Washington Area sub forums....you should get lots of exposure that way...

Beat of luck with recovering it.

2nd November 2007, 22:05
Sorry to hear about that Bishop. I'll keep my eyes open up here in the north end. I see anything I'll call 911 first and hook up with you.

2nd March 2008, 05:38
Did you ever get your bike back?

2nd May 2008, 00:20
Any word on this? I'm concerned :(