View Full Version : needin info and testomonials on chain drive

26th July 2005, 00:21
i wanna go chain and i wanna go lower gears. i rarely ride long way maybe 3 hrs at most once a year.... alot of redlight to redlight ridin. who has one and and what problems have to had on the harley... are they really as messy as everyone says? i have had them on japs for years and they never were that messy to me

26th July 2005, 00:44
Do yerself a favor. Unless yer really gonna do the whole mods route, or yer thinkin' of racing it... leave the belt where it is and forget the chain business.

26th July 2005, 00:55
If gearing is the only reason you want to swap, you can still do that with the belt. If you have other reasons like me it may be what you need. I like my chain (or my bike for that matter) for all the reasons people dislike them.To tell the truth, I was sort of happy to see my base gaskets weeping.

26th July 2005, 23:28
well with the power i now apply and if i gear down with what i have.... i will snap belts every 20 miles instead of 200. i have been through 4 belts and am sittin on my 5th one. at $175 a pop chain is lookin cheap......... where do i get the pulleys to gear down on a belt?

27th July 2005, 01:01
I know they make them but, not sure of a name. You can use an 883 pulley to lower it some. Alot of guys will say the belt SHOULD be good upwards 90-100hp but with a chain you KNOW it is. What kind of numbers you think your at?

27th July 2005, 17:31
:DI'll trade you my chain for your belt

27th July 2005, 17:33
Anyone know how the drive belts are holding up on the V-Rods with their 115-120 HP engines? ;)

27th July 2005, 18:13
I'd say ditch the belt and go with a chain and sprocket, I'm very happy with my Tsubaki chain and if ya get the right chain lube they arent messy at all . But you have to get a decent chain cheapo ones wont last 5mins before they are stretched out

Personally I think the bike looks a lot better as well with chain and sprocket

27th July 2005, 18:16
Anyone know how the drive belts are holding up on the V-Rods with their 115-120 HP engines? ;)

No idea cant even remember seeing one on the road in the last 6 months but did see a couple parked up at a bike show a couple of weeks ago both had chain conversions (mind you both had been trailered there )

27th July 2005, 18:19
I tried swapping out to a chain but my local stealer told me that a chain has too much free play and it would cut into the bottom of my oil tank. How much "flop" does a properly tensioned chain have?

BTW, my bike is fitted with 9.5" struts in the rear.

27th July 2005, 20:04
Since you have struts, I would just dial in 1/2" of free play measured at roughly halfway between the axes of rotation. But your bike is so low, your dealer could be right...

27th July 2005, 23:29
top of chain should not flop under stress only the bottom and the 115 120 hp vrods build there power somewhere around 6000 rpm and when your sporty can push 75 at 3000 rpm and 79lbs of tourque on take off.. not counting the 95hp at 5500 belts don't like my abuse. vrods are cool but harley is harley and jap is jap and i feel there is no good medium. but they do look cool i have a friend with a vrod and he had every SE part harley made and professonal tunning and my stock 1200 with 64 hp beat him in the 1/8th