View Full Version : Help with Diagnostic port install

19th February 2011, 04:34
I installed my microtach this evening and ran all the wires over to the diagnostic port and and hooked it up using the 2=black, 4=red, and 3=white. I went to turn it on and with the microtach hooked up it says buss er on the speedo display and the tach did not light. I disconnected the connector and the error went away.
Do I have something crossed?

19th February 2011, 15:05
Yes, sounds like you mixed up the signal wire with gnd or power. Don't worry, the signal wire is setup to be able to handle it. Just double check the connections.

19th February 2011, 15:46
Is there a way to check or can I just keep switching them around till it works. I don't want to fry the tach or mess up anything

19th February 2011, 18:51
Thanks for the help Justin. I figured it out. I had the 12v and signal wire crossed. I only had one color wire and it was getting pretty late so I guess I didn't mark the wire or looked at wrong one when I cut it.

It works great though.

20th February 2011, 19:34
Cool, Glad you figured it out!