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19th February 2011, 21:46
Hello, as per the heading i am planning on coming over to the States for Sturgis :sporty: this year & was after any & all advice on how to go about it, I am planning on either flying into N.Y. or L.A & making my way from there, I would like to meet as many people as possible & wanted to use public transport to make my way there.
I will be traveling on my own so am fairly flexible as this is my trip away from the wife & kids as they have no interest in spending a week surrounded by bikes.
I suppose the big thing will be Accommodation & what to avoid i.e rip offs regarding eateries & the like any help tips would be greatly appreciated.

19th February 2011, 21:51
Are you planning to stay in Sturgis during the rally? If so, work on the accommodations now. Are you renting a car/bike?

19th February 2011, 22:05
That was what i was was wondering about, is it better (cheaper) to travel into events each day ???, Car hire.

20th February 2011, 00:20
there's a multitude of options as to where to stay. from rapid city to deadwood to several other small surrounding towns. I like the campgrounds and camp out the Buffalo chip especialy it's like 3 miles east of sturgis Has it's own party and vendors as well as 9 big concerts right now the price is $285 for the 1-14 $225 for the 6-14 all the big concerts start on hte 6 they do have smaller bands earlier. I'd definantly look into renting a bike now probably be cheaper to reserve 1 now from a dealer that rents em from some outlying place say 100 miles or so away and then ride in you definantly want something to ride while your there there are several really cool rides up there. Needles Hiway, Iron Mountain Road, Spearfish Canyon AND tons more ride maps are available everywhere. Last year I met a guy from OZ that was over here for 3 months He actually bought a bike and was sellin it when he left. the chip also has a deal where theyll rent you all the camping gear I think its outragous at $600. you could run into rapid city and go to cabellas (an outdorsman outlet ) and probably buy everything for $150-200 and just give to somebody or trash it when ya leave. they also have a wallmart in spearfish about 5 miles west of sturgis and a pamida in sturgis that you could get a tent an air mattress and sleeping bag at. I always get a pillow there and just give it away when I leave

20th February 2011, 00:25
forgot here's the link to the chip
Glencoe campground
full throttle saloon has cabins for rent no idea on price

literally dozens of other places but these are some of the big name places

20th February 2011, 00:32
F.w.I.W., checking the X L Forum riders map will give you an idea who is located where, be sure to add yourself as no one is on it yet from "down under".

20th February 2011, 00:54
F.w.I.W., checking the X L Forum riders map will give you an idea who is located where, be sure to add yourself as no one is on it yet from "down under".

I'm surprised you didn't have him fly into Metro airport and we would ride with him there... :wonderlan :wonderlan :wonderlan