View Full Version : poroblems with LICK'S dog bone risers.....

3rd March 2011, 18:46
So I bought the LICK'S dog bone base riser and a pair of LICK'S 4" dog bone risers (in black). The risers don't fit over/around the base riser smoothly, in fact i would have to pry the riser clamp apart to even get it close to sliding onto the base riser but even then it is still so tight that it will strip the finish off of the base riser (it seems that they didnt compensate for the 1/16" of paint on each side of both pieces). The opposite end of the 4" dog bone risers have a two piece clamp design meant to clamp together using two bolts, and this end is even worse, it only clamps onto a 7/8" bar comfortably, 15/16" scraping paint, and 1" striping the paint off and bending the metal! Is this problem just me or is their product F-ed up? Because I'm pretty F-ing sure its all F-ed up but the guy at licks told me otherwise and me being a newbie kind of believed him but now I'm thinking otherwise
Has anyone else had or heard of this problem?

p.s. I'll try to get some pictures on here tonight or tomorrow night so that you can see that I"m not just an idiot or something.

3rd March 2011, 19:00
You have an appropriate username.

2nd April 2011, 12:40
Pics ???????

2nd April 2011, 12:47
I bought some 4" risers (that use the regular top clamp) from them and they were too big to clamp tightly on my 1" bar. Yes, a different issue, but still a case where the risers did not fit.

I went back to my old setup rather than try to rig something.