View Full Version : cycle thefts

13th March 2011, 05:31
I read that California is the worst in motorcycle thefts.

That would suck..... really. really sucks.

15th March 2011, 05:24
I guess the L.A. area is even worse! probably need to get some sort of security device on my 03 sporty.

15th March 2011, 05:41
I just made my own alarm for my 03'.
Couple of mercury switches a relay, flashing LED and a annoying siren.
Sit on it or move it from the kicstand angle and it goes off .Automatically arms when you turn the ign key off. Total cost under $20.00 (not including beer)
Today was going to add a couple of micro switchs to the saddle bags, so if they are opened the alarm goes off too.