View Full Version : Clear coat?

26th December 2004, 16:48
Can any of you folks reccomend a clear coat?

I have painted this tank, and did a fair job of it...put a clear coat on (four coats) that was meant to be petrol proof..NOT. Stuff comes off with a whiff of petrol fumes, it's enough to make you get real angry :(

I'm thinking a two pack may be better...any reccomendations?


26th December 2004, 16:54
I have used the Spiess Hecker aqnd Augrol( both German paint)in the rattle can and it was fine. Just make sure you shake it well. The key to good clear is making sure the base is nice. Then pile it on and sand, pile more on, sand and continue until it is thick as you want then wet sand and pollish the heck out of it. You will eventually get the look you want. Since you are in Merry old england you should check the local paint shops and see if they can recommend a paint. Rattle can works just as good as mix only you know the stuff in the can is mixed right. Buy 3 or 4 cans and it will have enough clear to look like glass. Just the way it should be.