View Full Version : Misspelled sportster equals good price

26th December 2004, 17:29
I always check dif. spellings of sportster and found this project. It might just be what someone here needs. the parts are worth the current price. have alook. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=4513159177&category=35576

26th December 2004, 21:13
That is just 50 miles south of me. It is close to where PlanB lives I think.

26th December 2004, 21:45
Pretty good price for a decent basket case. I've found simiar bargains using the same mis-spelled teccnique.

26th December 2004, 22:04
the motor has no trannie thats gonna cost ya around a grand to get and I would think that the reason it has no trans is the case broke another 4-500 to fix and who knows if it has a primary and clutch

not so good a steal in my book

26th December 2004, 22:21
Flathead. I'm takin' you with me when I buy my next bike. :smackh

26th December 2004, 23:19
didn't your mother teach you to read the fine print , will ?

I bought one of those no trannie bikes but I found an indie near here that does a good job on that kinda thing , luckaly mine had all the bits and pieces for the trannie exept three gears were bitched so it can up to $900 for my fix up

26th December 2004, 23:23
:smackh aw jeeez! You won't give anyone a break. Ok so I blew it but I wuzn't gonna buy it anyhoo.

27th December 2004, 00:04
Thought it might be a nice parts bike for someone. You never know what someone might need. Frame, heads, or something else that is not so easy to find. I am not a shovel head person but I know I would not buy a bike with that much to do. I have a 65 mustang for my lesson. I don't need another lesson. There were a couple of seats there also that were sort of cheap. 04 solo at 30 bucks or so.

27th December 2004, 01:38
Not a bad deal at least for parts. Rigid frame is worth more than half that, rear wheel looks nice. A bunch of parts were mentioned in a box. Extras? New? Think of this, get it and have spare heads and jugs to port and bore and trick out while still having yer bike together. Then, when they've taken their damn sweet time to get the job done right, swaperino! Then take all the parts you DIDN'T use to the swap meet and git some of yer coin back!

27th December 2004, 01:44
like I pointed out tho the cases are cracked and thats alot to have welded and machined flat. if a person needed a parts bike to get a project together then it might be worth while but as a start to a project one could find better

27th December 2004, 01:50
Yeah that crack in the primary cover looks like the chain broke and wadded up between the crank sprocket and cover. Crank could be bent!

27th December 2004, 03:22
Shoot, that bike's just thirty miles up the road from me...in fact, I went for a ride through there yesterday for my annual Xmas ride! If I had seen this, I would've at least stopped to talk "Sportstereze" with the guy!

3rd January 2005, 12:55
This guy is a REAL rocket scientist!

Spodster (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=35563&item=4514841646)

Spodster and Carborater (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=35563&item=4514832897)

3rd January 2005, 13:19
1.60 a pound...

3rd January 2005, 13:22
I didn't even notice that he spelled "Harley" wrong on both auctions. Bonehead!

3rd January 2005, 14:47
a haley spodster huhh? must be from bawston ;)

5th January 2005, 16:18
Flathead. I'm thinkin' he must be a Afgan running a quickmart in Tejas. :laugh