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26th March 2011, 22:17
i was looking at the evolution industries website, specifically at the rear pully they have for sportsters and ran across the belt drive primary system they have.
question-does anyone have any experience with belt primaries? it looks interesting but poses a couple problems i do not know about; like how to seal the trans fluid in (or drain it); and what clutch would work in a dry situation.
today is saturday and they do not answer the phone.
this intrigues me...

26th March 2011, 22:33
You have, in effect, a shallow primary cover that keeps the fluid in, with the belt primary mounted outside that. The outside of the belt drive sticks out a lot further than the regular primary cover.

26th March 2011, 22:42
Here's a pic:


26th March 2011, 22:45
Here's the installation instructions (http://evoindusa.com/sitedownloads/3in_XL_Belt_Drive_Instruction.pdf).

And here's their catalogue (http://evoindusa.com/sitedownloads/Catalog_may_2009.pdf) (scroll down to page 38).