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13th November 2007, 20:04
Any One have tips or stories about being a amputee. I had a below the knew lose 9/07/07 and just got my leg 3 weeks ago. I rode my bike to a friends to work on it last week. Oh to get back in the saddle it was cold OH WHAT A FEELING ON A SPORTSTER. know rear brakes down shift and use the front. My friend is going to put forward controls on and change out a leaking oil tank. When I get back will ride all day.

13th November 2007, 22:37
Good to see you back in the saddle again!...Ride Safe :tour

15th November 2007, 04:48
I'm a left bk amputee. I've got 37,000 miles on my peg leg since I started riding again after my accident. You didn't say it was your right leg but I'm guessing it is because of your no rear brake comment. I've got nerve damage in my right hand to go along with my leg so I modified my front brake to be operated by my left thumb. I still clutch with my left fingers. today is my first day on this site so I haven't figured out how to post the pictures yet I'll try to figure it out and posta pic of my hand controls for you to check out. 13221 We'll see if i added the pic right on my first try. if you run a second master cylinder on the bars for the rear brake you won't need forward controls. iwould reccomend keeping your mids if possible even if you do go with the forward controls as its nice to be able to move your leg around. if you have and questions about your leg or your bike email me scot@donahuehd.com or evoscot76@yahoo.com

24th November 2007, 13:24
I have a friend here that rides with one leg, only prob he has is with the law, *you must put BOTH feet on the ground at stop or you did not stop* judge throws it out every time when he stands up, go figure,,,,

24th November 2007, 14:22
I have a friend here that rides with one leg, only prob he has is with the law, *you must put BOTH feet on the ground at stop or you did not stop* judge throws it out every time when he stands up, go figure,,,,
here in Wisconsin all ya need to do is stop, ya don't have to put any feet down, but ya must stop completely

31st December 2009, 02:37
Left BK, wore prosthesis for about 23 years. Too many bone growths and scars now. Cannot be fitted with a socket that won't cause ulcers. VA said take it off and leave it off after a week in the hospital on antibiotics for infections. Built crutch holders on left side. Removed left side pegs and built cross over shifter. Shift with right toe and rear brake with right heel. Rode it from Florida to Maine and back last summer. You can ride with no leg.


31st December 2009, 06:40

Need I say more...

6th January 2010, 13:58
I have a BKA right leg and partial left foot amputation for about 12 years now.
I have not let it interfere with my regular activities especially riding.As you know by now it's a whole new world out there when you are missing a limb or two and even more in some cases.I use foward controls on both my bikes just because it is more comfortable for me when riding.:tour I have to use the heel of my left foot for shifting since I don't have toes to pull up on the shifter.I have to be a little more careful applying rear brakes with my right leg simply because I have to use my heel there as well and it's hard sometimes to feel the amount af pressure I am applying.I depend on my front brakes alot also.You have to be alot more cautious about everything going on around you simply because you just don't have the control like you do with a leg that you can actually move the ankle on.The old stiff ankle changes a whole lot in the way you do things.I look like a moron just trying to get up off of the floor when I'm working on something.I never really knew just how much a bendable ankle comes into effect until you are trying to do the everyday important things in life like walking,keeping your balance taking a shower etc.I just don't let it stop me from doing one of the most important things in my life which is RIDING.I just have to be the guy that can't do crazy shit like I used to when I was still all together.Ride with a disability and be damn proud that you still can.Ride Hard Ride Free Be Safe.:smoke
Here's a shot of one of my legs:wonderlan.Had it airbrushed to look a little more realistic.:laugh Most people don't even know it's artificial.

6th January 2010, 14:49
And then there is Reggie Showers double amputee , NHRA Pro stock Bike racer . I also play pool twice a week with a friend who is a double amputee . I've seen him run on his prothesis .
I have great respect for those who rise up and overcome adversity .

Carry on!


12th January 2010, 00:41
I lost part of my left leg to cancer 3 years ago...kind of a convoluted story, since my cancer was in my jaw.
They removed 1/2 of my jaw, took the fibula from my leg to rebuild it, and in the process fused my ankle; doesn't bend anymore. They also did a bunch of tissue transplants from my left arm into my face which left me as handsome as ever, but unable to properly work the clutch.
HOWEVER...an 883C with it's forward controls, some minor mods to accomodate the not-so-good grip in my left hand and a quick and dirty rack on the handlebars to stow my cane and I'm good to go.
Did about 15,000 miles last year. I'm gonna retire in 2010, so I hope to do more miles this year than last. It's all in the attitude; if you WANT to ride, you can

12th January 2010, 00:50
Lost both my legs under a train while working when I was 20. I just started riding this past year at 54 and chose to have my '06 1200 custom xl Sporty triked.

Kliktronic electronic shifter and both front and rear brakes engaged by front right hand brake lever.

I'm just loving riding and the trike was the best way to go for me. I have some pics posted.

Cheers. David in Canada.