View Full Version : old lady installs a new drive through!

13th April 2011, 04:19
Time to ride.AND time to watch your back.Not only are people not used to seeing bikes on the road do to a long winter, but the elderly are finally venturing out into the world for the first time in months!
This is what happens when a sweet lil granny gets startled when she bumps into the curb a lil harder than expected and accidentally smashes the gas instead of the brake.
I was sitting in the lab located in the back of the office when I hear this thundering crash of metal and glass, We(everyone at work) thought it was construction on the roof. I walked up front to see if it starttled anyone else. I heard a second smaller crash. I stepped out side to see what (they) were doing and saw no one. then I noticed the skid mark and broken glass! Then i heard a voice yelling,"help! I'm stuck!" it was a lil old lady. she missed our office by 3 feet!!!! we had a room full of people in the lobby!!!!!shweeew! close one!

13th April 2011, 04:24
Do you want fries with that??LOL

13th April 2011, 12:45
no one got a scratch!

13th April 2011, 14:52
Happens here in Florida all the time. Good thing they don't drive big 4 wheel drive trucks....:doh

Good to hear no one got seriously hurt.

13th April 2011, 15:18
BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!........no $#!+!

13th April 2011, 15:48
I keep hearing more and more stories like this. Its ridiculous. If you can be "too young" to mentally/physically drive, I believe you can also be "too old".

13th April 2011, 18:04
The baby boomers and thier older parents are at that point now. (no offence to anyone of age). If you find your self making potentially dangerous mistakes on the road, maybe it's time to rethink your transportation options........ If her car would have entered the building a lil to the left, she would have mamed or killed about 3-4 people instantly!

13th April 2011, 19:00
looks like the car is coming back from warp speed! ...oh yeah, and it flew over the bush :D

13th April 2011, 19:03
She was headed to the AARP meeting and wanted a good seat.

13th April 2011, 20:00
I have a grandad who still drives and It is scary to ride with him. Its about time to take the license.

14th April 2011, 02:47
I cant believe you all!!! The evidence is clear on the trunk lid:geek

She was PUSHED!

14th April 2011, 02:55
Hey redi, you must be new to the Treasure Valley, cause this chit happens here on a regular basis. They let 'em drive until they drive through something around here. I actually make it a point to keep my eye on the blue hairs and never put my bike between them and where they want to be.

14th April 2011, 03:05
I cant believe you all!!! The evidence is clear on the trunk lid:geek

She was PUSHED!

Thats the first thing I thought, it was the pink panther!

14th April 2011, 04:53
beornj, did you see me on ktvb? I'm famous!!!! just kidding. the news showed us on the sidwalk gaulking at the mess. I am on the web site story though.

Frickin funny theory! (she was pushed!)

14th April 2011, 05:06
I bet she has a house full of cats and she has them in her will. They are trying to off her for the inheritance!

14th April 2011, 15:26
Bump! passed the adds