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18th April 2011, 02:32
This may sound like a stupid question, but let me tell you why I am asking. About a year ago I had a tool bag strapped to a sissy bar using zip ties. I came out of a convenience store one day and the tool bag was missing and the zip ties were still there but looked cut so of course I assumed someone stole the bag while I was in the store. But thinking back on it, I cannot swear the bag wasn't already missing BEFORE I went into the store, but since the ties looked cut I decided it was definitely stolen even if it was at some other time.

I replaced the tool bag and mounted the new one above my headlight and below my speedometer and once again held on with zip ties. Here, let me see if I can find a pic real quick. Ok, here:

Anyway, fast forward to this weekend. I was walking my bike backward out of the garage and I noticed that the tool bag was all cockeyed sitting on the headlight. I reached up to straighten it and it just fell of onto the ground. Checking things out, once again it looked like the zip ties had been cut only this time the tool bag was still on the bike. Now, I find it hard to believe that someone cut the ties and didn't bother to steal the bag. Now I am thinking that the ties are just breaking and even my last tool bag the ties probably broke and the bag fell off without me noticing it.

In any regard, I am trying to figure out a better way to secure the tool bag without drilling holes or having big gay looking fasteners showing. Maybe someone out there already knows that zip ties break easily like this, but maybe someone don't and my question and anecdote will save them some grief.

18th April 2011, 02:37
I had a zip tied tool bag and one side broke, one didn't. Less than 6 months. Doubled up the zip ties and check them now.

18th April 2011, 02:37
White zip ties, that are prone to UV damage, or the black ones that aren't?

MAybe use some 550 cord instead.

18th April 2011, 02:39
Yes - sun and weather will cause them to snap. Replace them often.

18th April 2011, 02:50
yep they weather and break ! I used leather straps to hold mine on

18th April 2011, 03:06
black are stronger then white. you can also get metal reinforced ones.

as the above poster said, 550 cord won't fail.

18th April 2011, 03:07
I used the straps that came with mine. I use black zip ties that are dam near a half inch wide to hold my bags around my shocks to keep them from flying up, and they lasted the whole season until I cut them to store my bike for the winter. Either get bigger ties or leather or fabric straps.

snake oil
18th April 2011, 03:08
there is a huge variation in the quality of zip ties, from extremely strong to your lucky if they don't break trying to put them on.

18th April 2011, 03:12
They also make stainless steel ones such as these Amazon.com: Black Snap Strip Stainless Steel Zip Tie 10 Pack 8" Long: Automotive@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51OKTNcpywL.@@AMEPARAM@@51OKTNcpywL

I just pulled these on a quick search so I have no knowledge of this brand, but some are guaranteed to hold 100ibs.

18th April 2011, 03:48
I had a heavy tool bag zip tied to my sissy bar for years.
The weight rested on the fender and I never broke a zip tie.
But I used 3 ties per side.

If you are breaking ties go with thicker ones.
If you only want to use 1 tie per side home depot sells super thick white ones that are like 3 feet long.

18th April 2011, 04:04
I just carry one tool and I keep it in its holster!;)

18th April 2011, 04:31
I just carry one tool and I keep it in its holster!;)

In your nighstand? :laugh

18th April 2011, 04:41
I have used heavy duty fabric velcro for years and have never had a problem. I use lots of it and the bike stays in the garage at night.I got mine at lowes its the 3M brand and can be bought in severel widths and lengths.

18th April 2011, 05:12
You can't go just by color. Insure that your ties are black NYLON and you shouldn't have a problem. Also as stated before, go bigger and/or double them up. Tool bags can get pretty heavy (and add in the fact that it gets yanked on every time you hit a bump)

20th April 2014, 03:48
Yeah, like others have said white or black will diminish at accelerated rate being exposed to UV,heat and cleaning products esp.when your cleaning your bike in a climate as warm as where you're from you lucky bastard. Bikes aren't all that great for carry_on....it's like choosing to put a banana in a small lunch bag as opposed to your front pants pocket.Either way both will get to school but only one way will have you in detention.:smoke

20th April 2014, 04:10
You need a gremlin bell attach with a zip tie. The other will stay on.

20th April 2014, 06:06
Everyone knows the green and red zip-ties are stronger and add HP....

20th April 2014, 06:55
I endorse the ones put on by the cops when the run out of the Shiney ones.

they are stout!

20th April 2014, 11:11
The orange ones are the fastest.:laugh

20th April 2014, 12:40
I lost the snap ring that holds the clutch pivot pin on a trip. Used zip tie to keep the pin in place. Lasted for the summer then broke. Broke down and replace the snap ring. I hold the tool bag on with long heavy Velcro straps. Eight years and counting....

Tin Man 2
20th April 2014, 12:54
Go with the name brand Zip ties and they hold up good,cheap knock offs break during install half the time. The market is loaded with cheap knock off junk!!

20th April 2014, 13:44
I use TY-Rap by Thomas & Betts.. Strongest zip ties I have found. Easiest to pull through a wiring harness, and they have UV protection available on some models.

20th April 2014, 14:09
And Thomas and Betts was the first to stop outsourcing to china. The FIPOE electricians were so much mad that they told T&B you come back with the stuff we like or we wont install your crap.

20th April 2014, 14:13
yeah, now they outsource to Mexico.. LOL..

any part number that ends in M is a mexican made part..

20th April 2014, 14:17
The one finishing by C is Canada. I did some inspection in their wire connector facilities in Montreal.

20th April 2014, 15:07
My work involves hanging antennas on broadcast towers.
We get our ties from a place called Cable Ties Plus.
The extra strong ones are very strong and durable.

20th April 2014, 15:22
I use them to hold my leather bags down too and noticed even the black ones broke every year.

Now I check frequently and always carry a package. They come in handy on group rides.

Buddy of my told me that one thing to avoid is over tightening .

Metal components need room for thermal expansion in the summer- makes sense I guess.

Now I just hand tighten and only broke 1 last year.

20th April 2014, 19:28
Use ties at work rated to 150lbs,

so NO it's not uncommon unless you're using cheapo ties??