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18th November 2007, 13:15
Well Im back. Had a few life change event take place and had to put my changes to my bike on hold. Well Ive got my fenders and im ready to butcher... er BOBBERIZE them. My question is what is the best way to cut them up/tool to use. Im not looking to go the fasted route but the one that will give me the best finished product. Some of the ideas i have been kicking around are:

jig saw with 32tpi blade
grinder with cutting disk(dont know what it is called or what size)
dremmel with strong cutting disk

I know there will be pros and cons with all of above so instead of doing it trial and error i thought I might ask those who have done it. Im willing to by tools if necesary(imagine that ?? lol) well short of buying a plasma cutter. oh and by the way if I can work the look i want i will not just be making a straight across cut but not radical curves either. Thanks in advance -- timf

18th November 2007, 14:52
Avoid creating too much heat if you want to save the paint. Also, if the fender is still mounted, "block" the cut line front and rear with a couple of pieces of wood, cut to apply enough pressure to minimize vibration. The best results I've had were using a handheld bandsaw, with an angle grinder for minor "cleanup. Setup and patience matter more than the tool you use....

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18th November 2007, 15:20
Oxy-acetylene cutting torch makes quick work if it.


18th November 2007, 15:31
Jigsaw/hacksaw could be rough. Dremmel only if it is a high speed strong dremmel. Cutting wheel on a grinder is your best bet out of those. A plasma cutter would leave a nasty mess. As mentioned, heat is your biggest enemy if you want to save paint.

18th November 2007, 15:54
4" angle grinder will help to keep your line sright but will heat the paint up

18th November 2007, 16:10
oh I should have mention im not worried about the paint as Ive got a new tank that needs to be painted now that ive done the body work. I just figured as long as I had to paint the tins anyway to match Id might as well get a new set so I can Keep the originals well original.. and go for the look I am after --- timf

18th November 2007, 22:51
Your best bet if you can get access to one is a vertical band saw. The jig will work if you can secure the fender and go slow. You will have a rougher edge than with the grinder but you are limited to straight lines with a cutting wheel. If you have a powerfull enough dremmel and are comfortable using it you can be more precise with it.

19th November 2007, 00:50
I like the using an angle grinder with a cutting wheel best. I don't have a band saw, but I would like to try it see if it is easier.

19th November 2007, 01:06
Only thing I've used is a pneumatic cutting wheel...

Seemed pretty easy....the hard part is the prep....know where you want to cut....

Do the larger cuts with a similar tool, but leave enough material to "fine-cut" the shape with a smaller tool....

Oh, one more thing.....

Watch out for deer after you cut the fender.....:laugh:laugh:laugh:laugh:laugh

Sorry...inside joke....the old-timers here (like Gazza), might remember that I chopped my fender just before the Bambi incident...Since Gazza said it out loud a coupla months ago, I shelved my fender job for a while.....:frownthre

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19th November 2007, 04:31
That fender helped you slice through poor Bambi Chuck !!

If you're gonna paint anyway... then just cut with whatever you have to work
with. As said above a cutoff wheel in an angle grinder works great if you don't
care about chipping. Mark you lines with some tape, it's easy to get them
straight that way.






19th November 2007, 23:09
Has anybody used a hacksaw? I have a tendancy to go a little overboard when I use power tools and want to do a good job. Other than taking a little longer, are there any major disadvantages?

19th November 2007, 23:19
It is really about what you are comfortable with. I personally am a big fan of power tools and would only use a hack if I had to but I also have a lot of experience with bandsaws and grinders so that is what I'm comfortable using.

19th November 2007, 23:24
Here is the link to what I did. http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?p=737957#post737957

20th November 2007, 23:23
I've got the know-how, I've worked both as a welder/fabricator and a machinist part time during college, so being comfortable around power tools is not the issue. I guess its the idea of going 'old skool' and using the same hacksaw my Dad used on all his projects back in the day... I don't know, I guess I'm a sucker for nostalgia...

20th November 2007, 23:48
I used tin snips to get it close to the shape I wanted, then used a belt sander to shape the fender. It was done in about an hour so to get it where I liked it.

25th November 2007, 05:16
just finished doin this very thing sarvo,used a 4" grinder with a 1mm cutting disc cleaned it up with a file and painted with trusty ole rattle can matt black :)

25th November 2007, 12:57
well everyone thanks for the replies. Ive decided to use my angle grinder.
Ill take pics along the way as I know I WILL have to give everyone a "pic fix" eventually. thanks for the suggestions. now If I can just get the time to do what I want to do -- timf

rick szymanski
25th November 2007, 18:14
if you grind...tape a garden hose onto the fender and place wads of tape on the fender to cause the running water to fan out on the fender. that will keep the paint cool enough that it won't blister if you cut through at the right pace. you'll get a bit of spray, but it definitely keeps things cooler. keep the cord out of the water...sling it over your shoulder..electrocution shouldn't be a problem. oh, a line formed with masking tape will be easier to trace and will help to keep paint from chipping badly on the edge.

21st December 2007, 19:23
Be careful with the angle of cut. I have seen some that look like crap and some that look really good. Angle depends on what else you are going to do to the bike and what look you are looking for. Check all the photos here before you decide.

7th January 2008, 03:56
I'd like to cut my fender as well. I have one of those Sears All In One tools that can be fitted with a right angle cutter. The system is similar to a Rotozip RZ20 w/attachment.

7th January 2008, 05:18
I went with the Dremel and metal cutting discs. Burned through 3 or 4 discs, but it worked very well.

7th January 2008, 13:27
There is only one correct answer here.....


Don't forget to video the work and post it here. :)

7th January 2008, 18:25
I used a jigsaw and it cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

8th January 2008, 12:59
jigsaw works well on blanks without compound grooves.

daniel dailey
11th January 2008, 03:27
i used a chainsaw with a metal cutting blade. it only took about 3 or 4 seconds. it came out a little crooked, but with it sittin on the kickstand you can't hardly tell.