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28th December 2004, 17:42
What is a good mag to subscribe to for Sportster enthusiast? Any good catologs or websites for parts, accessories? Thanks, Guy

28th December 2004, 18:11
There are no more mags devoted solely to the Sportster. I get American Iron. It's about 10 to 15% Sporster content in a good month. Not the respect it deserves but I pick up something here and there and the rest of the content is mostly Harley so you can't really go wrong. As for catalogs, the 2005 J & P catalog arrived in my mailbox yesterday. They have some limited applications for rubber mount sportys so get yourself a copy.

28th December 2004, 18:25
you can also get the dennis kirk catalog, or the Aerostitch catalog for some neat stuff. I have also downloaded the custom chrome catalog and I think you can also download the drag specialties catalog also.

28th December 2004, 18:29
What is a good mag to subscribe to for Sportster enthusiast? Any good catologs or websites for parts, accessories? Thanks, Guy

I recommend American Iron,American Rider, And Thunder Press for Magazines.
Catalouges: Drag Specialties, Custom Chrome, J & P Cycles, Kuryakin. and Zippers Performance.
Web Sites: Lickscycles.com

28th December 2004, 19:08
I agree with Doc66 on American Iron which I have had an subscritpion to the last two years. Another good one is Hot Bike. Our own Sportsterspive (Sean) 883/1250 bike has been in there several times this past year as it has made its transformation. The last issue showed the tach install.


Shark Doctor
28th December 2004, 19:56

You're new!!! Introduce yourself... and you HAVE to tell us the origin of your handle!!!


28th December 2004, 20:02
american iron is about the best i have found also. more tech articles and the such.

28th December 2004, 20:06
Check out these links
this one's a UK link http://www.zodiac.nl/UK/catalogonline.html but you get the general idea.

this one's in the US http://www.steelthundercc.com/catalogs.html
for more catalogues

Then Custom Chrome Europe http://www.custom-chrome-europe.com/home_e.htm

Hope it helps, just don't drool too much :laugh

28th December 2004, 20:18

I am not new to the XLForum, just haven't posted a lot yet on the new forum. I guess I was a little slow in switching over here from the old board. Plus I am not a big poster, but maybe that will change. As for the handle, everyone else was pretty creative on their handles, so I figured I had to be too. I am in sales/customer service, so I talk to people all around the states and some times the world. Everytime I say we are located in Leavenworth, then they ask about the prison. Thus I might as well embrace it. Ft. Leavenworth has the DB for the military and Lansing, KS which is a twin city of Leavenworth has both the womens and mens state prison for Kansas.


Shark Doctor
28th December 2004, 23:21
Well good to get to know ya! Guess you're not an inmate!!! Hard to ride in such a small area?!

29th December 2004, 14:44
The Vtwin catalog has a large sportster section and drag specialties is pretty good and Mid USA is worth checking out as well.
(not a great fan of CCI or Zodiac )

As for magazines I buy Hot Bike and a few European and Oriental mags