View Full Version : will i be banned???

8th May 2011, 02:30
two questions....
will the modulators ban me from posting while i am on drugs?
and will they ban me for mispelled workds?
i haven't left the house and no one has called the opolice.... or are all y'all sor tired of me that you will ban me? or force me out?

don't want to piss anyone off....altough i am wearing depends so i guess i can piss myself off....

8th May 2011, 02:33
lmao that's the best thing i've read all night.

8th May 2011, 02:34
No you're not gonna be banned.
Modulators? LOL. You haven't
pissed anyone off. You're very
entertaining but all kidding aside
we all feel very bad for you.
I pray I never have to get that surgery.

8th May 2011, 02:34

8th May 2011, 02:37
LoL! :smoke

8th May 2011, 02:38
Vore Micodin plezee!!!

8th May 2011, 02:41
You have taken the first step to healing.

We are here for you !

8th May 2011, 02:45
iu pray you all have to get this..... i want you all to know how much fun this is. my 3 year old granddaughter thinks it is funnier than hell that she no longer wears pull ups and her poppa does. the 4 year old grandson is a bit more sympathnetic.... at least he tells me not to pee in them, but to pull them down first.
one whole week of riding weather and the asshats at work send me photos everyday of who rode in that day. the only really bad thing is we have a national guard unit coming home tomorrow from afgan and i can't be there. i truly feel bad for that. i'm hoping i am up to a memorial service for one of our members saturday may 14.

on a serious note....when i went in for surgery last monday, they asked about jewelry. i popped off my wedding band and would not remove my pow/mia bracelet. the nurse said that had to come off. my wife said my wedding band came off no questions asked. i told them both..... honey i have you ring or no ring. this poor bastard has no one but me. i'll be damned if i give up on him after all he did for us. the nurse packed the bracelet with cotton gauze. reason being possibility of burns incase of cauterizing.

otther wise i want someone else to feel my pain! and take my drugs! and put up with my shit. i truly hope this last for only 2-3 more days. until then tell the modulators to have patience with me....and i beg all of you to have patience too. there has to be some humor here somewhere!!!

8th May 2011, 02:47
Without pictures your not high.

8th May 2011, 02:56
I like your drug addled posts. It's the other ones I can do without! :smoke

If they ban you for this stuff, I'll leave the forum until they let you back! :banana

8th May 2011, 03:00

8th May 2011, 03:20
Hope your azz is back on the bike soon


8th May 2011, 18:49
Pete....where'd you get the pics of my bung hole? Only the exit feels much, much smaller!
so here i am, drug free, had 800mg motrin since midnight last night.... have slept more this morning than i have the last two nights. nice and peaceful like. no aches, no pains. then my ceiling comes crashing down. not literally but figuratively. i know this means only one thing.... invaders. i have invaders in my domain. i quickly assess the situation and put the 45 back, thinking i can take care of this with my bear hands. (or is that bare hands?). I sneak upstairs and find the invaders wrecking havoc in my living rood. five, count 'em, five ruthless rats. all of them shrieking, running and rasising havoc. And the oldest one laughing at me! Lucky for them they all left for mothers day lunch. But I did get hugs and kisses from all of them!!!!
So here i sit home alone. Quiet. Coors in the refridgerator. no drugs for almost 12 hours. pain tolerable. and the moderators have not banned me.
Life is good!!