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15th May 2011, 01:41
This is what happens when it rains-can't ride so I cruise cl looking at stuff :laugh, found this notice for an upcoming vintage bike show at Heritage Square, Golden:


Any one know anything about it or been before?

15th May 2011, 08:24
Nope, know nothing about it but it does look kool!

22nd May 2011, 14:32
Time to bump this one up after meeting up yesterday. Maybe we can meet for breakfast somewhere before riding out to Heritage Square?

I'm open to any suggestions.

23rd May 2011, 01:36
I'm in on this, maybe I can talk the ol lady into going.

23rd May 2011, 06:49

5th June 2011, 01:28
I plan on stopping at the Einstein's Bagel shop on Evans just east of Downing around 8:30 then heading out to Heritage Square. I try to park on Evans but sometimes have to grab a spot in the parking lot just east for the Walgreens. If you see an orange R I'm there.

6th June 2011, 03:59
How was the trip Doc45?

6th June 2011, 05:13
I'll be posting pics & a review in the "other motorcycle" thread as soon as I upload the pics-took a few. In a nutshell, there only about 50 bikes but it was good stuff with a few real gems and a "1 of 150" bike too.