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1st June 2011, 21:12
Has anyone here ever broke their Collarbone? I broke mine this past Saturday while riding a ATV. I know that healing times vary from 6 weeks up to 6 months depending on age and physical shape. I'd just lie to get an idea how long I'm gonna be out of the saddle. DAM!....Just when summers about to begin! THIS :censor SUCKS! :frownone:(:frownthre

1st June 2011, 21:19
My son fractured his when he was about 14. I think it took him about 8 weeks of pain and missing the swimming pool. He did his on a dirt bike. Also sorry to hear you broke yours.

1st June 2011, 21:31
My son fractured his when he was about 14. I think it took him about 8 weeks of pain and missing the swimming pool. He did his on a dirt bike. Also sorry to hear you broke yours.

Wow! 8 weeks when he was 14...... looks like I'll be down 8 months cause I'm 49....this is soooo depressing :frownone:(:frownthre

1st June 2011, 22:16
noooooo,...not at all. Just the opposite I would think. He was a teenage boy still trying to ride bikes, wrestle and all that. Think about being 14 and how you do not take care of your injuries.
If he took care of it, it would not have been that long. Assuming you take care of it I would not expect any longer than 8 weeks.

1st June 2011, 22:24
You are looking at about 6-8 weeks if you take it easy!! Don't forget to wear that figure-8 thing they gave, as it keeps the ends lined up and heal quicker. Good luck and you will be riding again before you know it!!! :tour:tour

1st June 2011, 22:24
Right one 3 times left twice and once both at the same time. Looking 5 to 8 weeks depending on how bad you want to ride.

1st June 2011, 22:27
I totally agree with 6 to 8. Did not mean to scare you. Just take care of it and all will be good.

2nd June 2011, 00:23
Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. Living in Washington State where nice warm sunny days pretty much only happen in June, July and August makes me really value my riding time. I'll be sure to rest up and hopefully be able to get some riding time in by August.

2nd June 2011, 00:31
Heal quick, hope your rideing soon and that we have a nice fall

2nd June 2011, 03:54
Yes, mine was broken for me when I was in the 3rd grade. Same as I am today.... defending my rights......(((((BAM))))) broken collar bone. It sticks out on one side.....apparently didn't heal up exactly right.....:rolleyes: Seems like it didn't take all that long to heal up but did crap my style for awhile. ;)

Hope it heals up quick for you.....:)

2nd June 2011, 04:00
broke both of mine twice,8-9 weeks,left not to bad but when i broke the right side its hell doing paper work if you no what i mean! just dont feel good left handed,lol

2nd June 2011, 04:08
Im an x-ray tech here on Maui in the only hospital on island. I see at least two of these every week. Kids heal really fast if it's not seperated at the fracture point. You, a little longer. If the fractured ends are separated, it's not only very painful (getting much sleep?) but slow to heal. Do what they told you to do and......yeah, 6-8 weeks. Sorry for your bad luck, Bruddah.

3rd June 2011, 15:30
Don't rush the recovery. I'm not as young as I was when I busted my left and should have stayed off it. Ended up taking much longer to heal.

Both at the same time! Damn that had to suck.

3rd June 2011, 15:46
It really depends on how bad the break was. Mine was really bad and bone had to fill in about an inch gap, it took forever. If it's not bad it could be a couple weeks. If it's bad surgery would speed things up, they put a plate on there to stabilize the ends. I wish'd I'd have done that but my doc said it was a bad idea...idiot.

There's a doc on Thumpertalk.com that has a medical forum there are hundreds of posts aout collarbone breaks, I wish I'd have read up.

3rd June 2011, 15:49
Check this out. I don't know if you'll have to register, but if you search on collarbone, you'll have hours of reading enjoyment...


4th June 2011, 17:58
dont forget---Milk, it does a body good!!