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11th August 2005, 14:04
Probably be the only time anyone posts here but thought I would wave my adoptive flag. I grew up in Tennessee and now only live 3 miles from the State line. That's why I say Memphis Area.

So I guess A rally of Mississippi XL Forum members might be rather small but I'll give it a shot. This Saturday, my garage, a case of beer, and..................................ME :roflblack :roflblack

20th August 2005, 13:50
I lived in Meridian for over 28 years, 1972-2001. My family and most of my wife's family still live there. My sister lives in the Delta not too far from you (ever heard of Tutwiler?).

The riding in central Mississippi is muuuch better than north Texas. Around Meridian, the hills and twisty roads start right at the end of the driveway. And no posted speed limits on most roads. Just watch out for the deer and dogs...

21st August 2005, 02:40
Livin' just outside of Jackson up by Ross Barnett Reservoir. Been here 9 years. Rode up to Memphis about a month ago for the "Art of the Motorcycle". Not bad, but I think the Barber Museum in Bham is better.

21st September 2005, 04:55
hey all iam here in meridian,i guess we do have some folks from the ol miss.
we have a real nice harley dealer here, chunky river hd,some nice back roads and a casino about 30 mi away :tour

21st September 2005, 04:57
hey af have you taken the trace any distance yet i heard they opened it up in the jackson area.

13th November 2005, 14:40
hey af have you taken the trace any distance yet i heard they opened it up in the jackson area.

They've opened the Trace up from Jackson down to Natchez, but some new construction of bridges has the Trace closed from the northeast corner of Jackson over to I-55. I have rode it from Natchez to Jackson, and up for a short distance north of Jackson, but not further. Have driven a cage all the way to Nashville, though, would be a beautiful ride. One of these days....

13th November 2005, 15:20
The only problem with the Trace is the speed limit. The Park Rangers really control the speed.....50mph. That being said......beautiful either way you go.

29th March 2007, 22:12
Hello from way down south about 12 miles off the coast. sanman12002003 I a short time I'm will be making that trip all the way up to the stat line and yes they are hard on the speed limit but it is a nice view been on a small section up around Strugis Ms. last year on a poker run and said that I will have to make that trip all the way. I am also leaving here on 5-3-07 and riding my bike all the way to Panama City Beach for Thunder on the Beach bike rally that is going to be a nice ride been looking for some people down here that will make the ride with us but no luck yet.

13th April 2007, 17:21
Thunder on the Beach is going to be awesome , headed that way with a group myself

16th September 2010, 14:13
Guess I'll try to revive this one and only MS thread. I am fairly new to the forum. I recently moved to Iuka. I am originally from the west side of the state a few miles from Collierville, TN. After graduating from M.S.U. in '08, I moved to Wisconsin for a job and found a Sportster.

Let's see if there is anyone in MS still active around here.

25th August 2013, 15:42
I'm in Florence, MS but this thread is dead, dead, dead!

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