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30th December 2004, 04:52
Near the end of the riding season [early December, before the snow and salt came] i ran my fuel on my Iron down to needing reserve. Filled 'er up, rode on. Next day i saw that while the bike was parked overnight i had fuel draining from the carb overflow tube. I guessed that that meant that rust particles from the bottom of the tank made their way thru the fuel screen, into the carb, and blocked the inlet valve from completely seating.

I ran it extra hard over rough roads to shake it up. Solved the problem at least temporarily. By the way, i recommend this as a general problem solving technique for your XL. Whatever the problem, ride the snot out of it and see if that fixes the problem. If it does not then try again. [go back 2 sentences].

Today I removed the fuel control valve and noted brownish crud on the screen. I looked inside the tank and could see rust here and there. So, there we are. I'll be sending the tank out to be professionally cleaned and lined. Cost about $85.00 plus another $15.00 in our most wonderful Canadian taxes which we in this country so much love to pay and pay and pay and ....

There is an auto radiator shop in town that does the work. I have had them do this work in the past. Actually i have never been able to determine if they did a good job or not as i always sold the bikes! Oh well, maybe this time.

Have fun problem solving with IronMick!

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30th December 2004, 06:18
Hey Mick,

I'm sure you knw more about this topic than I do, but... Willprevale had a thread running a little bit ago about rust in the tank. I seem to remember some folks talking about good and bad tank lining products. You might want to check for that thread and make sure your shop isn't using the coating that people didn't like.