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30th December 2004, 16:12
This forum has been great at helping me find parts for my next winter project so I thought I would continue to ask for help.

Right now, I have the original stock sportster peanut tank. (2.25 gal)

I'm putting a 250 tire on my bike next winter and I'm trying to find a nice tank to match. I like the style of the king sportster tank but I have no idea how wide the tank is? Anyone know how wide it is? I would like to have a fat tank to match the fat tire.

I have looked at the usual after market tanks but none of them contain the original sportster look but just wider. (at least not that I have found)

Does anyone know where I could find a wider than normal king sportster tank that will just bolt onto a '93 stock frame?

30th December 2004, 23:34
Check out http://www.independentgastank.com/products.htm
they have a wide variety of tanks in all styles. These tanks are
custom made to your specs. Call and ask if it will fit on a
93 model. Caution they are not cheap. They are a high quality
tank, and they come already pressure tested.

I have a buddy Josh (you out there) who has a 99 1200C
and he has the nitrous bottle tank with the dual nitrous
bottles attached and they are badass. It comes with a pop up gas
cap which is flush mount. This will give your sporty a destinct
look over the regular sporty tanks. :yikes

30th December 2004, 23:54
My bike isn't close at hand so I can't measure the tank. It's a king and at first glance looks just like the stock peanut.

31st December 2004, 00:17
The king sporty tank is longer than a peanut tank. It comes all the way back to the seat. It is also a little bit wider but a 250 is huge and your tank will be small in comparison. Drag bikes never have big tanks so the tank should not matter. I suppose a custom tank would be nice but how much is it worth to you. I guess if you are going to give up 3 grans for a wide tire you will be willing to pay 700 or so for a tank. Hope you ditch that red paint too as well. What else do you plan to do. Sounds like you are going to be spending som major cash.

31st December 2004, 01:22
I'm thinking of getting a Porkster Tank from J&P, 4.2 gallon and looks nice, but not like a peanut tank, though. The King tanks are 3.1 gallon, not much more than stock.


31st December 2004, 01:26
I like the mustang better than the porkster it fits on the frame not over the frame this is the twin capped mustang tank

31st December 2004, 01:33
How about a stretched tank.

31st December 2004, 01:36
I hear those strtched tanks fall down alot ;)

31st December 2004, 01:38
Only when trying to take pictures of them.

31st December 2004, 03:19
I went with the Roadster tank, also used as a Superglide tank for a while...

31st December 2004, 04:05
Thanks for the link xllent01. I'll check out the link.

Willprevale - I was doing some errands today and dropped by the bike shop. They had a king sporty tank and matched it up with a 250 tire for me. It doesn't look that bad. It does appear to be a bit "fatter" than the older peanut tank that I have right now.

rottenralph - I agree with your thoughts. I think the king sporty will be fine. The shop did say that they could widen the tank but it would cost me around $400 on top of the cost of the tank so its not really worth it. BTW - what's wrong with the red? I've come to really like it.

engine/flathead - I checked out the JP tanks and the paugho tanks but none of them gave me the look I wanted. Thanks though.

31st December 2004, 16:23
www.jirehcycles.com is where I got my 4.2gal Paughco

31st December 2004, 17:16
My only point is that you are going to do alot of work on your bike and leave it with stock paint. To each his own but I would buy paint before I bought anything else. You can spend all the money in the world to try and make your bike look great but it only will if you have some paint to go with it. I am no purest when it comes to stock paint. I hate it. You keep your red but if you want the project to be a trafic stopper do something special with the color. Red is good but candy apple red is way better.

31st December 2004, 21:55
Thanks bikerdude....those are nice tanks. Still don't see a wider sportster style tank though.

Rottenralph - Stock bad...custom good. I'm one of those guys who says "red" but really it can mean many different shades of red. I never use the words cyan or magenta, etc. But I do get your point. As I get closer to selecting the red I'll post the colors here to see what you guys think.

31st December 2004, 22:08
I'd rather paint my tank with krylon flat black. I'll do that when I get my 4.2 gal tank, and have my friend do a "F*@% Off" script on the sides.

1st January 2005, 01:03
I just looked at the Jireh cycles catalog, and the Axed tank I like is only $97. They got the best prices around...

1st January 2005, 01:26
Here is mine when it was red up till last year. This is candy apple red silver pearl metalic. Hows that for a name. Flat black is good too. I suppose that is why all our bikes are dif. Can't wait to see what a sporty looks like with a 250. Is that belt or chain drive?

1st January 2005, 14:20
Thanks for the pic RottenRalph.

The bike is belt drive. Should be easier for the conversion I think. I will definitely be posting update pictures as the work progresses but unfortunately I'm going to wait until next winter to make the changes. I hate the waiting. :angry

But back to my original question.....has no one seen a wider king sportster tank? :(

1st January 2005, 14:38
Check out this king of kings.
Maybe what you are looking for, it will match that big
old 250 tire indeed. :yikes

1st January 2005, 15:05
Do you have a link to one of these wide drive sites. I would like to see how they offset the belt at the tranny. must have a different cover so belt can run true.

1st January 2005, 15:18
They don't use a cover. The stock one is pulled off and
the new big ass offset pulley is put in it's place. The new
pulley sits outside of motor on a 250 tire build to help
align the new tire up and run straight. :yikes

On a 180 tire conversion they just shim the stock
pulley cover out about 5/8"-3/4" of an inch to accept
the new offset pulley.

1st January 2005, 15:23
Xllent, are you running a wide rear end on yours. I had a 160 on my bike at one time and that is all that would go in the stock fender. I had to pry and shim to get everything straight but it sure looked good filling that fender. I will go to a 150 or 160 Avon on my bike as soon as this metzeler is toast. Which won't be lang as quick as it is wearing.

1st January 2005, 16:17
No my bike is stock, highly customized, i run the Avon Venom
140. I have a couple of buddies that run the 180 conversions
and they look sweet. The 180 tire would be all i needed if i was going
to do the conversion.

The 240 tire is nice but for me it looks good, but just a little extreme
for my tastes. I would keep my sporty but build a bike that was
meant to run a 240 or better tire.
Check out http://www.clubchopper.com/t3702.html for a couple of sportys that have been converted and run 240 tires. :yikes

1st January 2005, 18:46
Thanks for the fattank link xllent01. Now that's more like what I was looking for.

RottenRalph - here are some links for more info on 250 wide tire conversions

http://www.clubchopper.com/t4508.html - step by step progress on conversion of a bike
http://www.prostreetcustoms.com - manufactorer

1st January 2005, 21:50
There's one dude that had problems with his kit. Here's the quopte fromt aht thread:

Originally posted by Hanoverfiste
Cant wait to see it finished, I have a 99 1200C and am seriously thinking of doing the same, everyone tells me not to bother, its only a sportster... but hey, I didnt buy this bike for an investment.. I bought it because... I wanted it... I have looked at CAS4, they have a 240 swingarm kit, and another site... www.motorcyclegoodies2.com has another 230/240 kit, do these kits offset the alignment of the tires? thats about the only thing I would be worried about.. anyways, I will check back here often.... keep those pics coming!..

H... <--- green with envy...

I ordered my kit through them and i must say thay were very difficult to deal with it took them weeks to get it to me and frankly their customer service sucked ass!

www.cas4.com has it and they are a pleasure to deal with i would recommend them!!
there is a lot of good reading on that thread aboutt he kit.
I personally would like a 180-200 kit, no more than that. I think a 240/250 is too overwhelming for a stock sporty frame.

1st January 2005, 23:22
I remember that also. The CAS4 was a rip off from the ProStreet Customs kit that I'm buying. Most people who have bought stuff from CAS4 have regretted doing so.