View Full Version : too much fluid?

15th August 2005, 23:06
I've read here before that if you have too much fluid in the primary/trans, you'll get erratic shifting ans wierd stuff like that.

How much is too much? Reason I ask is that when I checked my fluid yesterday, it was dripping out of the level hole, and I'd say a good couple ounces came out. Would 2 oz more than necessary cause funky shifting and clutch operation? And yes, the bike was standing upright, not leaned on the kickstand.

15th August 2005, 23:40
If it's running out the opening with the bike upright it's definitely overfilled. You have to only fill it to the bottom of the metallic ring dohickey deep inside.

16th August 2005, 00:23
I noticed if the fluid is above the outer edge of the clutch, shifting goes south. Probably causes some drag on the clutch.

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16th August 2005, 00:26
It's overfilled for sure if its running out with the bike upright. I would drain it all out and pour in 28 ounces and check it.

16th August 2005, 23:11
I just changed the oil in the early spring, but I don't think I put in too much. I measured exactly 28 oz. Mybe there was some sitting in the trans and added to it. But I guess I'll buy another bottle and dump it again. Wierd becasue when I rode in the cooler months, I never had a problem. Wasn't until it got hot out that I started having problems. Maybe due to the excess heat, the oil would expand that much more and cause trouble...

18th August 2005, 03:33
took her for a spin this evening. I think the realease of the excess 2 oz of fluid did the trick...