View Full Version : Comfortable seat/'05XL1200C

17th August 2005, 06:34
I thoroughly enjoy my '05 XL1200Custom. In fact, I call it an XL1200Ci, with the "i" standing for "improved." However...even after having the seat reworked by a very good custom seat maker, I am not satisfied with my formerly stock seat. I ride cross country, literally, and the seat is just not as good as it should be. What do you long distance (cross continent) riders use for a seat, and is it comfortable? I'm looking for a solo seat; I'll install a Harley-Davidson "wire" rack behind the solo seat. All input from long-distance riders will be greatly appreciated!

17th August 2005, 06:53
heya jimbo, welcome to the forum.

i have the stock seat and a le pera bare bones LT.
the le pera seats me too far forward, so I'm probably going to use my stock seat to go on my road trip to.....

colorado springs!!!