View Full Version : 1973 Rear Brake problem

Harley Bass
2nd December 2007, 14:47
I'm still restoring my 1973 XLCH and I'm having trouble with my rear brake wiring. I've replaced all wiring harnesses and wired as the manual says. When I press the brake peddle the headlight comes on. The rear brake light switch has 2 wires. Orange and red. The orange goes to the lighting circuit breaker. Where does the red go? Should I splice the red to the red wire on the rear brake light harness? Sure would appreciate some help. Almost got this thing back together and will post pics soon. Thanks

2nd December 2007, 15:52
Harley, after I stopped laughing I looked at the schematic and it shows orange wire to accessory circut breaker and not the lighting breaker. The red wire is jumped at it's harness connection and then goes on to the stop lamp in the tail light. So the orange is the power and when you step on the brake peddle the circut is completed and the red wire then sends the power to the bulb in the tail light. I hope this helps.

2nd December 2007, 19:22
When I press the brake peddle the headlight comes on.

You might want to hook that up so it only flashes the headlight when your tranny is in reverse. :)

2nd December 2007, 23:19
I think that in an original HD wire harness, orange is always 12 volts.

The brake light switch that goes up in the handlebar controls has the same wiring - orange bringing in 12 volts to the switch, red carrying it out to the light when the switch is on.