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4th August 2011, 15:02
I just bought my 883 1200 conversion it is basically stocked. Over the years I've had 4 shoulder surgery's. I am wondering if anyone has had this experience with shoulder pain from riding and will the changing of the handle bars , bringing them up and maybe a little forward take some of the pressure off? I know this may be a little out there for most of you but guys with shoulder problems may know what I'm talking about.

Thanks Dave

4th August 2011, 15:30
I have torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders. Right one had surgery, (which made it worse), and left one is well beyond surgical repair. With low bars I could not ride for more than about 30-45 minutes without extremee pain. I have a '92 Sportster now with the Hugger bars (some call them buckhorns I think) and can ride all day with no problems. It is a matter of arm position. You need to find something that doesn't put any pressure or strain on your shoulder. On my last bike I tried 4 different bars but nothing worked. I sold it (was wanting to sell it anyway) and bought the XLH and it was perfect. I changed seats a while back and rotated the bars forward in the risers, but that made it very painful, so I put them back in line with the fork tubes and it is great again.


4th August 2011, 15:46
Dave, seems I've got the same problem with my shoulders as you! Except reversed. Left had surgery, successful though, and right is now killing me and no insurance now! Thats what 30 yrs. of sheetrocking and carpentry will do to your body. Hope you find a solution, I only had problems with my wrists and fingers going numb, never the shoulders. I think drifter Dave is right, the proper bars may help you. Good luck, ride safe and often! Bob

Bob F
4th August 2011, 19:13


4th August 2011, 20:42
Since I am new to motorcycles is there a better set of Bars then others. Brand name exc.

4th August 2011, 20:59
Since I am new to motorcycles is there a better set of Bars then others. Brand name exc.

For me, the stock Sportster Hugger bars worked best.


26th August 2011, 02:57
I started having pain in my left shoulder last summer while riding. Fought it throught the winter. Then in March I bought a used set of HD 10" mini apes. They were amazing. Quite having pain in my shoulder. Then I switched to a set of 14"s, also great but only had then on the bike for 2 weeks before I hit a deer doing 65 down the highway and totaled the bike. So I can't say if the 14"s were better than the 10"s or not. But I can say that the factory bars on my new '06 883 Custom suck because the pain has returned.

26th August 2011, 03:54
Best bet is to ride other bikes with the different bar set ups and see which one works best for you. I would think drags or tracker style would be worse than the pullbacks. Good luck.

26th August 2011, 06:52
I've also got some shoulder problems, along with lots of others. Both Mini Apes and Wide Glide Bars worked for me. But, I think any of the bars that allow you to sit up fairly straight will work. I found, at least for me, that leaning my weight back works, leaning it forward doesn't. Go to the dealership and try sitting on a number of different bikes. I think you'll be able to tell what works for you and what doesn't.

When buying bars I wouldn't go with the super cheap ones. Often times they are not knurled and won't have the holes drilled for internal wires. But, other than that they're pretty much the same unless you go with the larger diameter (1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch) bars.

26th August 2011, 07:01
I've had both shoulders reconstructed. Four surgeries on my right and one on the left. I have enough hardware in both shoulders to build a clean ass bobber. I've found out that drag bars work best for me. I still experience some pain but it is tolerable. Now with my Goldwing I can, and do, ride up to 600 miles without any pain.