View Full Version : 04 Service bulletin for the ignition Mod.

1st January 2005, 04:16
I was at my local HD dealer in Conroe Texas and HD has a Service Bulletin out for the ignition Mod on the 04 and maybe the 05. If will depend on the date your motorcycle was made. The fix is covered. So if you are getting carb farts at slow speed or want more information see you local HD dealer. Time to fix is 0.2 hours. They will download new settings into the Mod.

Also HD might be issuing a recall or bulletin on some motorcycles due to the petcock on and reserve settings being reveres. If you have a defected one when you will not have any reserve fuel since on is reserve.

2nd January 2005, 05:17
My petcock was replaced after only 5 days on my 05 custom. I wanted to see how far I could go before needing to go to reserve, and found that I didn't have any reserve (hard way - as in side of the road looking for gas station). Turned out that the petcock was pulling from the bottom of the tank (reserve setting) all the time regardless of petcock position. So when I ran out, I was really out. They fixed it for free.

2nd January 2005, 05:48
I think my module is in a box somewhere? Hmmm If I walk in with it in my hand can they fix it?

2nd January 2005, 11:01
Looks like a pretty sweet paintjob you got there, Jfazio..

2nd January 2005, 13:31
Looks like a pretty sweet paintjob you got there, Jfazio..

I was noticing that. You got some larger pictures of that somewhere, Jfazio?

3rd January 2005, 21:12
Love the new avatar alleydude!! Guy

3rd January 2005, 21:23
:lolsign :laugh

3rd January 2005, 21:37
Thanks, Its the 2005 "Limited Edition" sportster 1200 C. I was told that each dealer would get only one sometime during the year. I got the Alamo HD's one. I uploaded an atachment with my "say hello" original post. I tried to reattach it but couldn't. Click on my avatar and see all my posts, and find my first post. I'm sure theres a better way, but I couldn't find it. It's an "uploaded atachment", but I can't see how to reuse it in a new post.

3rd January 2005, 21:44


7th January 2005, 02:10
jfazio---simply ****in' gorgeous paint job!