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5th December 2007, 15:28
Well, I just had my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery on Monday, Holy crap It really wipes you out, I have been sleeping off an on since then. They gave me some really strong pain killers thank goodness, but I actually have feeling back in my fingers again. that's all I can type for now, one handed typing is a b:censor ch I will glad to get this bandage off. :banana:banana

5th December 2007, 22:31
Good luck... Hope you can handle the bike soon...

7th December 2007, 18:08
thanks man, I can't wait to get it back into shape, I want to start my engine mods soon! :banana

10th December 2007, 18:35
Best wishes to you in your recovery. Speaking of, how long is the recovery period? Will there be permanent restrictions of movement or behavior once the healing is completed? Hang in there.

11th December 2007, 18:36
well it's the second week after the surgery and I tell you my hand feels 110% better, I actually have the feeling back and man does it feel better! I don't know what the actually recovery time is, it varys with the person and how bad it is. I hope it doesn't take to much longer. I am typing like a chicken !

King Herald
15th February 2009, 21:03
I had the CTS op on my left hand about six months ago, and I was excepting all sorts of misery and boredom strapped up fr weeks watching tv, but I was out in the garage within three days tinkering, and within a week I was welding and grinding as if nothing had happened. The only real problem was I could not put any weight on the palm, felt like a large lump inside. Scar tissue apparently, but it is fading away now.

The physiotherapist told me the best thing to do was start using the hand as soon as possible.