View Full Version : Why doesn't AHDRA have a regular street class?

16th August 2011, 05:04
I was wanting to run AHDRA in Woodburn, but I don't see a class for street ridden bikes. Somewhere in the past I was interested in the Screamin' Eagle class, but now they allow nitrous, wheelie bars, and air shifters.....

16th August 2011, 14:15
What they allow for mods in the bracket classes really doesn't matter much ... so long as your bike can run the number, you can be competitive.

The class you mentioned, SEP, just as an example has an 11.50 index. If your bike can run 11.50, you can win that class.

The ET class allows you to pick your own index. You could theoretically win that class with a stock Buell Blast.

Now the heads-up classes, like Hot Street, are a whole 'nother story. But there's lots and lots of competition in the index classes.

16th August 2011, 14:24
I was hoping to run an E.T. Class with other street ridden bikes. It's not really apples to apples when your running against a wheelie bar and air shifter....

17th August 2011, 13:09
there are alot of regular street bikes in the ET class,the AMRA also has a E class.someguys run bars & air shifters but alot of the bikes are just everyday drivers

NRHS Sales
17th August 2011, 15:34
Dan Norlin was the SEP champion a few years back riding a stock V-rod. After a days worth of racing he would ride the bike into town to get a beer. Wheelie bars, air shifters and the like do not make you a better ET racer.

17th August 2011, 16:03
I was hoping to run an E.T. Class with other street ridden bikes. It's not really apples to apples when your running against a wheelie bar and air shifter....

I don't understand why it matters. Say you enter SEP. You have an 11.50 index. If you can run an 11.500 with your bike as it sits, it doesn't matter a bit that the guy next to you has wheelie bars and an air shifter. In fact, it doesn't matter if he's running a nitro bike. 11.499 loses the race. Any bike that can run 11.500 has just as good of a chance at winning as any other bike.

In ET, you get to choose your index. Starts are staggered appropriately. Like I said, a Buell Blast has as good of a chance as a top fuel bike.

The key to winning a race, especially a bracket race, is the light. The timer doesn't start running until you leave the light. So if you snooze at the light, it doesn't affect your time, but it sure as hell affects who crosses the finish line first.

It's entirely possible to run a better time than the guy next to you (or a time that's closer to your index), and yet still lose the race, if you get beat at the light. In fact it happens a lot. You want to win bracket races, learn how to cut a light.

I've won bracket races before where I didn't break out, and yet the guy I was racing did break out, and yet I crossed the finish line first. That can happen when you cut a better light (in drag race terms, you "treed" him). In that situation, the race was over at the light. There was nothing the other guy could do. If he went quicker, he'd just break out worse. The race was all over at the light.

Dakin Engineering
17th August 2011, 16:44
I Used to shallow stage and dump the clutch as the second yellow went out.
Got some good RT's, but never good enough ET to compete at AHDRA events.


17th August 2011, 16:57
et bracket racing is fun, nothing like dialing in with a 9 second bike and waiting at the tree as the 15 second bike has launched.....you wait and wait and wait then boom your off and run him down and hopefully don't break out.

I have run a 25 second ysr 80 pit bike up against 8.5 second bikes and won, because the guy melted down and red lighted.

NRHS Sales
17th August 2011, 17:00
That is the thing. The guy with the faster bike has to wait for his light and often times they will red light as they get too anxious.

At Sturgis a few years back a Buell Blast won and over half of the bikes he was up against red lit. he did not even have to try.

17th August 2011, 21:59
i could never sit and watch a guy go down the track,i see yellows and im gone!!

17th August 2011, 23:12
Back in "the day" (or at least it was in "my day") I watched a 2 stroke Bridgestone 90 take it all home running in the ET class ...

17th August 2011, 23:27
I don't get how a .500 reaction time was perfect. I guess it was the tree we used.

18th August 2011, 14:00
I don't get how a .500 reaction time was perfect. I guess it was the tree we used.

I was under the impression that .500 was how much time elapsed from when the first yellow light lit and when the green light lit.

As far as air shifters and wheelie bars go, I guess I just haven't been around it enough. Air shifters don't concern me, I can shift consistent. Wheelie bars though seem to me would make the launch very consistent whereas a good launch running without one takes skills....

23rd August 2011, 01:55
The ET class is definitely winnable on a street bike. I'm currently 3rd in points in AHDRA ET class without a wheeliebar or airshifter. I got runner up at the last race (bristol), and won the prior race (Atco). Also earlier this year Sam Mashini won in Rockingham no bar or air shift and Gene Jennings won Orlando on No bar and I believe no air shifter. Its definitely doable.