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1st January 2005, 19:14
Ok, I have had my 04 1200R for about 6 months now and something has really been bothering me. Does anybody else notice how little room you have to put your feet down when you have passenger on the back. I think we only have probably about 16 inches between the footpegs.

As some of you might know I am looking for an exhaust. Well the Basannis are side by side pipes and I figure that there is no way I could get these without burning my leg every time my wife rides with me.

Anybody have any suggestions on what can be done about the passenger pegs?

1st January 2005, 19:36
Forward controls, or his n her's bikes.

1st January 2005, 20:26
Im not sure what you mean by putting your foot down do you mean on the pegs or on the ground and why would you burn your leg on the exhaust with somebody behind you . I have a 1200r 04 and it has not been an issue with me or my wife maybe the seat or something I have a sundowner two-up seat on mine. one solution you might try is the h-d adjustable highway pegs my wonderful step kids bought me a set for christmas and they are great for stretching your legs out. if you are gonna change out your exhaust you might get a set of these and put them on when you change your pipes since the right side can be a bitch to install with the pipes on , not much room to get your allen wrench in there but the left side is a breese.

1st January 2005, 21:45
Maybe it's just my short stature. :o I'm 5'4. As for forward controls, I sat on a buddies 04 1200C and I couldn't really get my foot below the shift lever.

The bassani exhaust sticks out further because it's not staggered like stock but the pipes are side by side.

But yes the seat might help. It's just that when the passenger pegs are down, it limits how far back I can put my foot when coming to a stop or for example yesterday when we were in a gravel driveway and I had to keep my feet down while I was turning around. I actually had to have me wife get off so I would have more room for my feet.

I know I'm not explaing it very well but please bear with me. :(

1st January 2005, 22:00
I know what you mean about leg clearence. I noticed it right away. I just kind of got used to it and knew I had to spread out more when I came to a stop.

Moved On
1st January 2005, 22:21
As for forward controls, I sat on a buddies 04 1200C and I couldn't really get my foot below the shift lever.The angle of the shifter peg can be adjusted on forward controls.


1st January 2005, 22:42
I had problems with the stock pegs on my 93 1200,kept bumping my shins when I put my feet down for a stop,the problem seemed to be worse when the passenger pegs were down,I changed to foward controles and now have no problem,I am 5' 10" but have short legs.
With the foward controles the brake and shift can both be adjusted to suit the rider.

1st January 2005, 23:18
I didn't realize that you could adjust them. Now you guys got me thinking. Thanks for the help! :)

2nd January 2005, 04:15
ok now I understand . maybe being 6ft with a 34 inch inseam explains the difference .