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23rd August 2005, 05:30
Hello 'uns. I read thru the thread about Helmets. But what about boots, gloves,Kevlar riding suit :laugh
and such.

I have to wear progressive bi-focal glasses. I am able to ride with no helmet, but not far, or to fast. If the glasses blow off, I have a difficult time with fuzzy vision.:eek:
I always wear a fullface helmet that opens up...makes it easier to put on over
the glasses.

Boots. Over the ankle boots, lace up, oil resistant, slip resistant??
I found this pair of boots at an Academy sporting goods store, and you can see them Here (http://www.galls.com/style.html?assort=general_catalog&style=SP620)
These boots weigh 4 oz. earch and are oil/slip resistant to boot! :p
Gloves. What kind? Half finger? Or, something like this Pair (http://www.galls.com/style.html?assort=general_catalog&style=GL211)
These babies would come in handy :roflblack to bash in the window or door of an offending vehicular f'tard. :smoke
Galls® Elite SWAT Gloves
* Dual layer leather palm is designed for rapelling
* Spandex® mesh increases air flow:tour
* Carbon fiber style hard knuckle for forced door entry:D
Cool. Anything short of a bullet, I'm covered. :laugh

How bout riding suits? Does anyone have one? Use one?
I saw a Galls (http://www.galls.com/) catalog, then looked it up on the net. Very cool stuff here.
Anyway, just askin questions and spreading information. :usa2
Miles of :tourSmiles:tour to you...

23rd August 2005, 05:49
Bates makes some pretty good boots, so they would do for ya. Those gloves would do fine as well..kinda cool. Was a Deputy Sheriff for many a year and am VERy familiar with Gall...I have lots of stuff from them.
I always wear boots.Period. I always wear gloves as well. Ever seen hands that have slid down the road for a bit? Those fingerless gloves are nice..but offer little protection. I have a windshield but Always wear googles( http://wileyx.com) for wind protection..wish is why I always wear ear plugs too.(http://earplugsonline.com) I have been riding for over 38years and have ridden thousands of miles. That damn wind noise WILL cause damage..thus..I want to save what I have left, so I use ear plugs always. It is all a matter of habit now..I just put these on before I ride...
Good Luck to ya Brother... :smoke

23rd August 2005, 11:32
rjays boots and gloves..[comfortable and good value]

Nolan open face helmet with flip down visor.....[black of course]

Alpine stars 2 piece leathers.........[black of course]

Alot of people look at you funny when your wearing leathers on a HD but theyre usually people that have never had a decent crash...........

If you ever want to see a grown man tremble in fear go to a hospital and watch someone getting gravel and asphalt picked outa their ass............for the third day in a row........I've been there and its no fun.............

Now I wear the best gear I can afford........

24th August 2005, 23:14
I used to ride with a half helmet and street clothes. Now that I've gotten a little wiser, I wear:

HiTec Magnum boots (combat style w/side zipper feature)
Good pair of jeans (will soon be augmented with some type of slip-over pants w/armor)
Teknic mesh jacket w/armor
Vega fullface helmet
Bell fullface (backup when the Vega's liner is being cleaned)
Frank Thomas vented leather gloves w/knuckle armor

Antelope Creek leather jacket over long sleeved t-shirt
Jamin' Leathers chaps over jeans
No-name brand thick insulated leather gloves
Same boots, same helmet

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25th August 2005, 00:11
don't always wear what I should.
I do advocate wearing all the safety equipment but don't do it myself always.
Harley Mega conductor engineer boots.
50's style Leather motorcycle Jacket.
full finger army leather gloves with wool insertrs for cold days
full finger non lined gloves for cool days
1/2 finger gloves for hot days.
leather vest
dungeree coat
wiley X googles
always wear a helmet---always