View Full Version : Is this a carb issue ?

2nd January 2005, 05:36
02 883 Hugger
SE air cleaner, 170main, 45 slow
V&H Straight Shots exhaust.

On acceleration it seems to fall on its face. Winds up good then acts like no more power. Shift an wind good again till then falls on its face again. This only when you really hammer it. The motor does not sound like it is wound tight, just hits a plateau. The motor does not cut out or break up seems like it has more to give, just something it is not getting. So may it need a bigger main jet or is the rev limiter jumping in ? Other than full throttle bike runs great.

2nd January 2005, 05:40
Without a tac its hard to say, but thats what it seems like. A 170 should be as big as you want to go with an 883. My guess is rev-limiter.

2nd January 2005, 13:44
Almost sounds like a hole in the vacuum diaphragm. Did you happen to have that part out? It's easy to put holes in them on reassembly.

2nd January 2005, 14:54
I've got an 04 883C and it came stock with a 170 main jet

3rd January 2005, 01:14
The top cap has not been removed as far as I know.
But your suggestion makes alot of sense. As the motor hits a flat spot an stops pulling.
Thought the rev limiter would make it cut out or break up which it does not. I have been wanting to stick a 88 needle in it. So I probably will now an replace the diaphram an see how it does. Thanks for the suggestion.

An thanks everyone that responded as any suggestion is helpful.

3rd January 2005, 05:14

To check ya diaphragm .....

Take off the air cleaner front....

Put some safety glasses on, or better still a face sheild like a welders mask.....

Start the bike and look into the carby.

Rev the motor by blipping the throttle and see if the slide raises..

If it raises ya may be alright so build the revs up to around 3500 and see if it holds the slide up or it creeps back down again..

The smaller the hole or tear the slower it ill creep back.

Another culprit for said symptoms is a colapsed exhaust baffle

Barry Clark
9th January 2005, 16:22
I had that problem at it was two things causing it.

One was the seal around the diaphragm wasn't happening.

Two was the 170 jet was a little too large.

I am now running a 160 main and loving it.

19th January 2005, 01:47
Rev limiter is my problem. Stopped in at Harley Shop in Savanah, Ga on my way to Fla. Talking with a mechanic at counter about problem an rev limiter is working when it hits the flat spot at wot. Mine does not sputter a lick just will not go any faster. Told me that is the norm for some but some will sputter when hit the rev limiter. Have done a few changes to carb but always hit a flat spot at wot. So now to see which module to get. Looking at a Screamin Eagle that limits at 6800 rpm.