View Full Version : 1998 883/1250 VS 1999 Sportster Sport

13th September 2011, 22:37
My 98 883/1250 finally got out in front of my buddy's 99 Sportster Sport. Tried to whip him with a 1200 conversion awhile back, but just couldn't stay out front. Sunday, we left a stop sign at the same time, and he tried to take off and leave me sitting there. I was in second, as was he, and I let it rip. My ignition's rev limit is set to 6000rpm right now, and I hit it leaving 2nd AND third gears, but pulled out in front by the middle of third, and stayed there. :tour I still have stock 883 heads, stock clutch, but seems the NRHS 1250 with N4's did the trick...:D Of course, he had "issues" , claimed he had tire spin going into third.....whaaaatever.....

NRHS Sales
13th September 2011, 22:47
Good story!! Glad to help.