View Full Version : 1200 C TRANNY

2nd January 2005, 16:08
Is there a kit to add a siixth speed to a 5 speed transmision or do you have to replace the whole tranny I would like to cruise a little better without reving so much :smoke

2nd January 2005, 17:25
As far as I know you need to replace the entire tranny, but I'm certain on this. I believe that Baker makes one for Sportsters and Buells.

2nd January 2005, 17:29
Baker. They are about $2,000

2nd January 2005, 17:37
HEY NYS... Can I buy your old tranny off you? :D

Just kidding- warranty SHOULD cover mine... :boohoo

2nd January 2005, 17:38
Thanks thats what i thought baker was just looking for another option

2nd January 2005, 17:40
Hero I have thunderheader exhaust you can buy from me or even my vance and hines straight shots i will sell

2nd January 2005, 18:10
It's gonna depend on the year sporty you have. Anything up to 04 has the "trap door" tranny and you can swap it out with one of the aftermarket 6 speeds. '04 and up no longer use the trap door tranny assembly and servicing them requires splitting the engine case.

2nd January 2005, 18:19
I have an 01 thanks guys

2nd January 2005, 19:57
When I replaced the cams, etc on my 'O4 it was like adding another gear. It cruises much better with less strain on the engine. It will run you about half the cost of a new tranny.

Happy and Safe riding.