View Full Version : Rubbermount_EFI idle problems sometimes?

19th September 2011, 22:37
ok i have a 09 nightster with v&h short shots and stage 1 screaming egla intake and cobra fi2000 fuel controler and i noticed i pull up to light and idles fine but longer it idles start to idle low and sound like it wants to stall and some times stalls and sometimes backfires thru the intake? the bike does not have any flat spots or running problems (back fire, hessitations) just at idle
tried to search but couldnt find anything

Bob F
19th September 2011, 23:41
Is this a double post?

How did you tune it????????????????

19th September 2011, 23:48
i tuned it by cobra specs there is 3 led lights and i tuned it how they said and bike runs perfect no bogging no backfiring on deceal, and runs smooth while crusing spark plugs look good as well

its only when idle it seems like it wants to stal as idle get rough and low and sometimes it backfires thru intake and then runs fine or bike stalls its not everytime its once and awhile most of the time i just burp the throttle when sitting at a light every 30 secs or so

Bob F
20th September 2011, 00:04
OK Cobra guys, what's his deal?

20th September 2011, 14:22
OK Cobra guys, what's his deal?

Good luck with that one, I would go with cobra GUY, as you are the only one I have seen on here with one, but I would love to know how you like the fuel controller after you sort this out, I like the cobra package, just haven't seen enough of them to warrant purchase.

20th September 2011, 14:47
There's another Cobra thread here (http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?t=1242697), and 10 pages of Cobra info here (http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?t=194554&highlight=Cobra).

A number of us ran a Cobra Fi2000 about 3 years ago and between us we tried to figure out how to get it working properly. Most of us ended up taking them off, some to replace with PCIIIs and some with XiEDs.

It can only add fuel in it's three regions (I'm not sure about subtract fuel) so if you've got a poor tune that's all over the place then it's not subtle enough to compensate for that. I still got the surging at closed-loop part-throttle cruising so mine came off to be replaced with XiEDs followed by O2 eliminators. But my bike's stock. YMMV.

23rd October 2011, 04:03
Just replaced the Key switch after years of building up to its death. Could be your problem too.