View Full Version : Engine Support Brackets

2nd January 2005, 22:45
The Iron has 3 cruddy chrome engine support brackets at the top:

[1] at the front, with 2 nuts, and a bolt to between the downtubes
[2] middle of the left side, with two nuts
[3] rear of the left side, with two nuts, and a bolt to the frame backbone

I want to remove all of these to clean them up. The big question is: Can i remove all of them together? Or should i do them one at a time.

2nd January 2005, 22:56
mine has.....
[1] nope ain't got it
[2] attached to under side of top tube between heads
[3] nope ain't got that one eather

guess I can't help you as to how to remove them cause I don't have the same setup

2nd January 2005, 23:26
I think they changed the motormounts in 79 from the single center mount styles of the early Ironheads to a multi mount. Supposedly I think to help with stopping the breaking of the original mounts and the heads from cracking around the bolt holes and to supply a stronger upper engine mount system.
I can't say for sure, but probably the early single center mounting stile will bolt up...if so you can just eliminate the other mounts. You would have to get an early one to see if its possible. I'll see if I can get out to the garage tonight and get my parts book and manuals. I'll check back later.....Anyone else know?? Hrdly

3rd January 2005, 02:19
mine's like that I took all the bolts out and I still couldn't get the engine out without removing the rockercovers, so you should be alright.

3rd January 2005, 03:57
I should also mention here that i am planning on painting the engine while it is in the frame. So i want to get as much stuff as possible out of the way. Hence, if i can remove all 3 then that makes the painting easier - less masking.

How to remove them is not a problem. I have a wrench! I suspect that removing all 3 is not a problem - the engine will not fall out. But i thought it would be wise to check with the combined wisdom of all my IronBuddies first.