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1st September 2005, 21:30
Saturday, September 3 2005 approx. 10A.M.

Just a little get together ride to become more acquainted. There seems to be some intersted folks that I have talked to personally and anyone here that wants to come along. Guarantted good time
If you take I-15 south, and get off on the Alpine/Highland exit, it will take you passed the new Cabella's, and then passed Micron. Just keep heading East, towards American Fork Canyon. There is a Chevron station at one of the first 4-way stops you come to after Micron, called Kountry Korner. Meet at say 10:00 AM. Leave at say 10:15 AM. Ride up the canyon, and up over the Alpine Loop into Sundance. Head down the back side of the canyon, and then come up Provo Canyon, passed Deer Creek, and up in to Park City. From there, the Northern folks could ride North back home, and the Southern folks could ride South towards home.

Let's roll, MisterB.

2nd September 2005, 06:42
I'll be there. The rest of you Utah guys are welcome. It'll be a lot of fun!

9th October 2005, 05:49
Sorry I missed out. I love the loop. Last time I was there hmmmmmm ... fall 2002 before the whole Baghdad thing.... we were tooling through the aspens as the leaves fell on us. Man, one of the 3 most surreal times in my life on a bike.

I just picked up this brand new 73 sporty, so as soon as I get it running right... you know today it was the solenoid.... Probably be snowing when I get it running.... what's Alpine like in the spring? :)