View Full Version : Ironhead E79 rear wheel left side spacer

14th October 2011, 01:22
I just went and got this from HD. Same part # different lengths in parts. Thinking of just cleaning up the old one and going back on with it.
Has anyone ran into this issue when getting a new spacer?
Sorry to just pop in, been working day and night and when the boss called and offered the night off I couldn't help but get out a wrench.

14th October 2011, 01:36
The new one in your photo looks like the one that was in my 1980, as i recall. Is the part number 41202-79? The parts catalog says this is 1", outer left bearing spacer.

14th October 2011, 01:57
yep, that's the part #. Wonder why the old one is sooo much deeper than the new one. now it's under night light as I've lost the sunshine for the day.