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16th October 2011, 13:38
The XL Forum is the ONLY motorcycle enthusiast forum of its size solely supported by its members.

XLF no longer accepts payment to advertise on XLF. Regular members do see vendor banners but beginning in March 2012 they will all disappear except for the square banners on the side.

As of Mar 2012 the vendor banners that you do see will all be for vendors that have proven to be beneficial to the XLF Membership. The vendors will not have paid for the PRIVILEGE of having their banner appear on the world's greatest Sportster and Buell forum.

As a member of XLF you can help support XLF and insure that it is always here for you by becoming an XLF Team Member. There are FIVE different subscriptions. XLF Team Members do not see any of the banner ads or the google ads. XLF Team Members currently see the category banners but they will all ge gone in March 2012.

1. Life Membership - $250.00
2. 1 Year - $30.00
3. 6 Months - $20.00
4. 3 Months - $15.00
and our newest rate
5. 1 Month - $7.50

You can become an XLF Team Member here: http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/payments.php

Every new XLF Team Member who asks for one will receive an XL Forum patch that looks like the XLF Logo at the top right hand corner. The patch is approximately 6 x 1.5 inches.

You can also support the XL Forum by clicking on the Google Ads. But please only click on them if you find them interesting.

Lastly you can support the XL Forum by using the eBay ads in the RSS Feeds category to search for and purchase items. This category is here: http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=278

16th October 2011, 13:59
You bet!!Always' been happy to buy a yearly.

On the other end...it will load faster :)

16th October 2011, 19:34
very nice. soon i will take advantage of this.

Screw Loose Dan
16th October 2011, 20:57
Interesting that you'll no longer be having paid supporting vendors. Cool.

Still glad to be a lifer here.