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Team Flash
27th October 2011, 15:24
Hello, this is my first post and of course I am asking for assistance. I have bought a 2001 Lightning X1 that I will be using mostly for drag racing. I have raced Sportster and full on drag bikes but wanted to stick with the American made bikes that are not heavy and slow so I went with the Buell. When I was cruising the posts I came across a DIY to build an air intake which included a parts list and instructions. If anyone can direct me to this post I sure would appreciate it. BTW- I am located in AZ so if you have parts or suggestions let me know. Thanks, Eric

27th October 2011, 15:33
I dont know much about the buells or your ? in general about the thread you are trying to find but....None the less,Welcome to the forum.

Bob F
27th October 2011, 15:42
Welcome to the XLForum.

27th October 2011, 15:45
google megasquirt


Fairly intense learning curve but..... My 9 sec flat 150 MPH Mustang runs MS3. Shooting for high 7s next year....

Old Goat Ninja
27th October 2011, 15:48
The Google search bar on BOTTOM of this page works much much better than the search tool up top. The Google search bar on bottom of page only searches this site.

27th October 2011, 17:32
Where in AZ Flash? I have a couple of Buells. I am in Cave Creek. Steve

27th October 2011, 19:36
Team Flash, welcome to the Forum!

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Team Flash
27th October 2011, 20:30
Where in AZ Flash? I have a couple of Buells. I am in Cave Creek. Steve

Steve, I am in San Tan Valley just south of Queen Creek. I go to Cave Creek from time to time on my Road Glide. Maybe we can hook up and talk bikes.

Dakin Engineering
27th October 2011, 23:19
I built my own.
Are you just looking for an inake manifold?


Team Flash
28th October 2011, 16:32
I am looking at the Air Filter and unit much like the Forcewinder Intake. Thanks

28th October 2011, 19:40
Here is a link that you might find helpful.



The best air filter assembly out there in my opinion is the 3 inch one NRHS or Hammer sells. Even if you had a full machine shop, I don't think it would be worth the trouble to try to duplicate it. For a full on Drag bike a velocity stack is cheaper and will be hard to beat when it comes to power.