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31st October 2011, 05:38
If anyone either wants or knows anyone who wants an automatic clutch for a Harley Davidson Sportster 97-2003, please contact me. It is in Staffordshire, England, U.K.

Basically its a specialist piece of kit that enables a rider to change gear with their foot without using the clutch lever. So for anyone with limited left hand use or loss of fingers etc, this is the exact piece of kit you need.

There is someone who is a NABD member and has it. I don't know the price he wants for it or if it's free. I asked, but haven't gotten a reply yet. When I do get a reply, I will post it here. It may be free to good home of someone that NEEDS it, not just wants it.

6th November 2011, 07:04
i lost one finger on my left hand and the one next to it is messed up,so i put on a jockey shift kit that my son sells. this makes it easy to operate.simply use foot clutch to put in gear,grab hand clutch witch is already depressed due to foot operation and release as normal, from there use foot clutch and hand shift.works awesome.he has built up extra kits for those that need them and they fit from 86 to 2003.

31st October 2013, 13:25
Necro Bump
EFM make an Auto Clutch here in the States. Combined with a Led Sled Jockey Shift there is no need for a foot or hand clutch. Just don't forget to chock the wheels when you get off it. Leaving it in gear does absolutely nothing, haha. :D