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20th December 2007, 17:12
I read an article on webBike world about the differences between the 1057,2057 & 2357 bulbs. WOW what a difference. I put the 2357 in my stoplight it is almost twice as bright as the stock 1157 bulb. I also tried an LED replacement bulb. However the way the reflector inside the light assembley works it was actually dimmer. So try the other bulbs and make your own comparison. 1157 can be replaced with 2057 & 2357 all are dual fillament. I got mine @ an auto parts store for like $3.99. I ride a '96 XL1200S.

21st December 2007, 00:15
Right on, thanks for the tip. Is the running light also brighter than the 1157 running light, or is it only the brake light that is brighter?

What is the difference in draw?

21st December 2007, 15:58
I don't know the difference in draw. It should be close to the same. I tried the bulbs in both the turn signals & the brake light. It was brighter in both. I changed all my bulbs & have had no electrical problems for about a year.

21st December 2007, 16:04
i did that and it melted my tail light

21st December 2007, 16:43
I am running the stock tail light lens..not the lay down or cut version..so there is plenty of room in there...sucks about your light though..

21st December 2007, 18:20
So is it suggested NOT to use the 2357 in the rr tail lamp housing if its laydown??? I have a smoked laydown tail lamp and need it to be brighter. Oh, and do they make it in a red bulb??
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26th December 2007, 05:31
Here are the numbers from donsbulbs.com:

The 2357 is 25% brighter than the 1157 (40 mscp vs. 32 mscp). However, the average life of the 2357 is just one third the life of the 1157 (400 hrs. vs. 1200 hrs). The power dissipated in the 2357 is 6.3 % greater (28.5 watts vs. 26.9 watts) than that of the 1157.

The numbers are the same (3 mscp, 5000 hrs. and 8.26 watts) for both 1157 & 2357.



3rd April 2009, 14:58
I looked at just making my own tail light out of about 20 bucks worth of LED and resistors, there are a couple of links on google about making your own using stuff from radio shack, seems fairly straightforward... so anyone tried that? I will hopefully be able to pull it off, after I move to San Antonio. You can get the LEDs in red and white... there will be some heat but I don't think that it would be enough to melt the cover, even on a laydown light... they will last considerably longer and be brighter than incandescent bulbs if you don't go with the cheapo LEDs.

Edit: you would have to use super white LEDs for the stock tag lights, but if you relocate it to a side mount plate holder.... you could use red LEDs...that is what I am planning on doing, use the side mount plate with the license plate LED white lights that are built into the fastener... perhaps wire it up internal to the side mount and tap it into the rear running light... anyone done it please share how much of a bear it will be... here is the link for a brake light mod on a Ducati...

Specs.... http://www.maushammer.com/systems/tail-light/index.html


This guy went way overboard on the tech stuff but basically all you have to do is check the voltage and make sure the total resistance will null all 12.6 Volts, that is the voltage drop on the LEDs and add a couple of resistors in SERIES!!! they dont work in paralell without getting it complicated... I hope to give it a shot