View Full Version : chrome switch housing

4th January 2005, 19:27
I have a fitment question, can anyone confirm chrome switch housing fitting 96 and up, these are on e-bay and only have a couple of hours left. By the way they are about 120.00 at the dealer, current price on e-bey 39.00?????

4th January 2005, 22:15
I have a set. They fit darn good. I couldn't see spendin the extra 80 bucks either.

4th January 2005, 23:15
Barry, did you get yours off of e-bay? I'm bidding on a set now. Were they difficult to install? I'm not too worried just curious. :tour

5th January 2005, 00:02
carefull with ebay stuff. may be cheaper but i have heard that those switch housings and some of the switches they sell on ebay do not directly fit perfectly. i have been told that you may have to shave some of the hole bigger to make the switches fit.

5th January 2005, 00:21
Yes from e-bay. Got em from sorgys.42.00