View Full Version : 1980 Tank Graphics

4th January 2005, 20:59
OK, so my 1980 has a king tank that was recently painted gloss black. Looks pretty good, actually. I have some HD aluminum bar & shield emblems to attach to the sides.

I have heard that the 1980s originally had some pin striping on the tanks. Anyone confirm this? Any pics out there? I have been browsing eBay with no success yet. Would like to know what they looked like back then.

4th January 2005, 21:10
I'm thinking they had that script lettering with scrollwork just under it and two or three stripes along the bottom edge
do you have the cookbook? it might have a pic in it

4th January 2005, 21:22
http://images.traderonline.com/img/5/dealer/3040716/73072618_1.jpg http://images.traderonline.com/img/5/dealer/1212897/75538097_1.jpg

I found these two the panal pinstrpie is the one I remember